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Vue Grid Designer

A Vue 2.x component for designing grid layouts using Sortable.js.

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Design a responsive grid based on rows and blocks using HTML5 drag and drop. The JSON model can be used to generate an actual HTML grid using any CSS framework you choose or saved to a database for subsequent use. It can be decorated with any additional JSON properties to allow you to extend your grid in any way you need.


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vue-grid-designer has no external dependency requirements. The following dependencies are included in the exported ESM package:

    "@fortawesome/fontawesome-svg-core"  : "^1.2.30",
    "@fortawesome/free-solid-svg-icons"  : "^5.14.0",
    "@fortawesome/vue-fontawesome"       : "^2.0.0",
    "lodash-es"                          : "^4.17.15",
    "sortablejs"                         : "^1.10.2",
    "uuid"                               : "^8.3.0",
    "vue"                                : "^2.6.12"


npm i @thefoot/vue-grid-designer --save


Either register vue-grid-designer as a global component in your main Vue application file:

import Vue             from 'vue';
import VueGridDesigner from '@thefoot/vue-grid-designer';
Vue.component('vue-grid-designer', VueGridDesigner);

new Vue (
        render: h => h ( App )
).$mount ( '#app' );

or use locally (recommended) in your Vue component:

import VueGridDesigner from '@thefoot/vue-grid-designer';

export default {
    components: { VueGridDesigner }

Then simply add the component to your template and bind your grid model to it:

        <vue-grid-designer v-model="grid"></vue-grid-designer>

    import VueGridDesigner from '@thefoot/vue-grid-designer';
    export default { 
        components: { VueGridDesigner },
        data () {
            return {
                grid: []

You can even use it via a script tag:

<script src="https://unpkg.com/vue"></script>
<script src="https://unpkg.com/@thefoot/vue-grid-designer"></script>

Grid Data Model

The grid is a collection of row objects. row.blocks is a collection of block objects.

        blocks: [
                span: 1,
                content: '<p>Foo</p>'

It is structured this way to allow rows and blocks to be decorated with additional properties. Use-cases are most likely to need additional data.

Internal model

Internally - VDG adds an _id property to each row and block (v4 UUID). Custom events include the ID, whereas the bound model only emits exactly what was passed in, including any custom properties. To retrieve the full internal model, including custom properties, call the getFullModel () component method.

Component Props

Name Attr Type Default Description
mode mode String edit Component mode - edit or view. View mode hides row and block controls, and displays any content passed in via block.content.
blocksPerRow blocks-per-row Number 4 Logical blocks per row. Each block can consume more than one logical block via span - like a table. But, like a responsive grid, you can exceed this number if you wish.
maxRows max-rows Number 0 Maximum number of rows. 0 to disable. If you pass in a grid that exceeds this number, it will still display all rows, however if you remove the rows, you cannot add them back.
rowClass row-class String Pass in an additional CSS class for the grid row.
blockClass block-class String Pass in an additional CSS class for the grid block.
minBlockHeight min-block-height Number 100 Minimum block height in pixels.
blockMargin block-margin Number 6 Block margin in pixels.
enableMoveBlocksBetweenRows enable-more-blocks-between-rows Boolean true Allow blocks to be moved between different rows. Setting to false restricts blocks to their own row.
sortableOptions sortable-options Object {} Native options passed directly through to the SortableJS constructor. Some options are overridden (see table below).
onNewRow on-new-row Function Callback for creating a custom row object. No parameters. Return a new row object.
onNewBlock on-new-block Function Callback for creating a custom block object. Receives ( row, span ) params. Return a new block object.

Overidden Sortable JS Options

Prop Attr SortableJS Option Type Default Description
sortableGhostClass sortable-ghost-class ghostClass String vgd__block--ghost CSS class applied to the ghost element.
sortableChosenClass sortable-chosen-class chosenClass String vgd__block--chosen CSS class applied to the chosen element.
sortableDragClass sortable-drag-class dragClass String vgd__block--drag CSS class applied to the dragged element.
sortableAnimation sortable-animation animation Number 50 Animation speed in ms. 0 to disable animations.
- disabled Boolean - Based on the mode prop. In view mode, the DnD functionality is disabled.
- group String vgd Based on the enableMoveBlocksBetweenRows prop.
- filter String .no-drag Used to disable grid elements from being dragged (toolbars).
- preventOnFilter Boolean true Related to filter.
- onUpdate Function - Used internally. See events table below.
- onRemove Function - Used internally. See events table below.
- onAdd Function - Used internally. See events table below.
- onStart Function - Used internally. See events table below.
- onEnd Function - Used internally. See events table below.


All events have a vgd property added to the original event (either SortableJS event or native event - whichever is relevant), and contain row and block properties.

Name Description Example
ready Fired when the grid is initialised and ready for use. No event data is emitted.
update Fired after a block has been moved. Only fired when a block is moved within a row. When block is moved between rows, remove-block and add-block events are fired. vue-grid-designer @update="updateHandler" />
remove-block Fired after a block has been removed. vue-grid-designer @remove-block="removeBlockHandler" />
remove-row Fired after a row has been removed. vue-grid-designer @remove-row="rowRemoveHandler" />
add-block Fired after a new block has been added. vue-grid-designer @add-block="addBlockHandler" />
add-row Fired after a new row has been added. vue-grid-designer @add-row="addRowHandler" />
drag-start Fired when a drag action has started. vue-grid-designer @drag-start="dragStartHandler" />
drag-stop Fired when a drag action has ended. vue-grid-designer @drag-stop="dragStopHandler" />
block-changed Fired when a block has been expanded or collapsed. vue-grid-designer @block-changed="blockChangedHandler" />
input Fired by Vue implicitly for v-model support. -


Methods that receive an event parameter fire a custom event.

Name Params Description
getFullModel () Return the full internal model including custom properties.
addRow ( event ) Append a new row to the grid.
addBlock ( event, row, span = 1 ) Append a new block to a row.
deleteRow ( event, row ) Delete a row from the grid.
deleteBlock ( event, row, block ) Delete a block from a row.
expandBlock ( event, row, block, num = 1 ) Decrease the span for a given block.
collapseBlock ( event, row, block, num = 1 ) Increase the span for a given block.
getEventData ( event, sourceRow = 'from' ) Return a vgd info object for a given event. sourceRow can be from or to.
getBlockStyles ( row, block ) Return a style object for a given block. Can be used with :style="getBlockStyles(...)".
getAnimationStyle () Return the animation style object. Can be used with :style="getAnimationStyle()".
initGrid () Initialise the grid. Called from mounted().
initSortableRow ( row ) Initialise the SortableJS plugin for a given row.
fireChanged () Trigger the input event. Used for v-model support.

CSS and Styles

This component uses BEM methodology and naming convention.

CSS Classes Used

CSS Class Element Description
vgd__row Row
vgd__block Block
vgd__block__toolbar Block toolbar
vgd__block__toolbar__button Block toolbar icon button
vgd__block__content Block content
vgd__row__toolbar Row toolbar
vgd__row__toolbar__button Row toolbar icon button
vgd__footer__button Add row button
vgd__block--ghost Block variant for the sortable ghost element.
vgd__block--chosen Block variant for the sortable chosen element.
vgd__block--drag Block variant for the sortable dragged element.
use-hover Row See note below on using :hover styles.

Specificity and Overriding Scoped Styles

For scoped styles, Vue uses a data attribute based on the component ID to isolate styles to the component. In order to override these styles you should prefix all style overrides using your main app or component selector. E.g.:

#demo {
    .vgd__row { ... }

For additional examples, please look at the Demo source code.

Using :hover styles

There is a known issue with :hover state in DnD elements in Chrome. The workaround is to scope any :hover styles. This scope is provided via the .use-hover class. E.g.:

.use-hover {
    .vgd__row:hover { ... }


Component Demo


Contributions welcome, please read CONTRIBUTING and CODING-STANDARDS.




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