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    A basic CLI to scaffold out a Node.js project to build simple CLI packages using TypeScript. It was created both as an exercise and to ease daily setup while working through the Advent of Code.

    It has all of the basic files and configuration required, as well as a number of packages (Lodash, Chalk, Prettier) to ease rapid development.


    The easiest & recommended way to use it is with npx:

    npx @thedavefulton/create-node-cli

    If you must, you could also install it globally (but really: don't)

    npm install -g @thedavefulton/create-node-cli

    It will prompt you for the name of your project, your name (for use in the package.json author) and whether you'd like to initialize a git repository.

    You can also pass a number of flags when running the command:

    Usage: create-node-cli [options]
        -p, --project       name of the project
        -a, --author        name of the author
        -g, --git           initialize a git repository

    NOTE: The program will try to load the user name from your git config. If found it will offer it as the default name.


    I'm happy to hear anyone's thoughts on how this could be made easier to use. If you have thoughts on simplifying the install or a way to make it easier to get started hacking please open an Issue or Pull request!


    npm i @thedavefulton/create-node-cli

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