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Email Builder Generator

Yeoman generator that scaffolds out a project for crafting email templates.


  • Sass Support
  • Jade Support
  • Browser-Sync Integration
  • Auto-Prefixer Integration
  • Resource Optimization
  • Notification Support
  • Style-Inlining Support
  • Preview-Submission Support



  • Be sure to have Node.js, Yeoman, Bower and Gulp installed.
  • Run npm install -g @thasmo/generator-email to install the generator globally.
  • Run yo @thasmo/email inside an empty directory and follow the instructions.


There are no Yeoman options yet.


Email Builder Generator scaffolds a project which uses Gulp to process source files and it also starts up Browser-Sync to serve the templates.


Use task/config.local.js to customize and overwrite task options defined in task/config.js for your local environment.


  • default
    Run the setup, build and the watch tasks.

  • setup
    Run bower install to install dependencies defined in the bower.json file.

  • build
    Run the templates and images tasks.

  • templates
    Read jade and Sass files and compile them to email-friendly HTML templates.

  • images
    Read images from the source directory and copy them to the public directory.

  • watch
    Start Browser-Sync which serves the public directory and re-run tasks when source files change.

  • send
    Send preview emails to your configured recipients.


MIT License