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    A Webpack loader that generates fonts from your SVG icons and allows you to use your icons in your HTML.

    webfonts-loader uses the webfonts-generator plugin to create fonts in any format. It also generates CSS files so that you can use your icons directly in your HTML, using CSS classes.


    npm install webfonts-loader


    An example of usage can be found in the test/ directory of this repository.

    Webpack rule

    Add this rule to your Webpack config:

      test: /\.font\.js/,
      loader: ExtractTextPlugin.extract({
        use: [

    So that each font configuration file will be loaded using this rule.

    Loader options

    You can provide options objects to configure the loader behaviour:

      test: /\.font\.js/,
      loader: ExtractTextPlugin.extract({
        use: [
            loader: 'webfonts-loader',
            options: { ... }

    Available options are:

    publicPath, String

    This is the URL prefix for generated links (e.g. /static/ or https://cdn.project.net/). Should typically match Webpack's config.output.publicPath.

    Any font config option

    If you pass types, fileName or any other font config option, it will be used as a default (unless overriden in font config file).

    The font configuration file


    The config file allows you to specify parameters for the loader to use. Here is an example configuration file:

    // myfont.font.js
    module.exports = {
      'files': [
      'fontName': 'myfonticons',
      'classPrefix': 'myfonticon-',
      'baseSelector': '.myfonticon',
      'types': ['eot', 'woff', 'woff2', 'ttf', 'svg'],
      'fileName': 'app.[fontname].[hash].[ext]'

    Then you have to require the configuration file:

    // entry.js

    The loader will then generate:

    • CSS with the base and class prefix
    • Font files for the SVG icons

    All font configuration options

    baseSelector, String

    The base CSS selector, under which each icon class is to be created. See webfonts-generator#templateoptions

    classPrefix, String

    The prefix to be used with each icon class. See webfonts-generator#templateoptions

    cssTemplate, String

    See webfonts-generator#csstemplate

    embed, Boolean

    If true the font is encoded in base64 and embedded inside the @font-face declaration, otherwise font files are written to disk. Default: false

    hashLength, Number

    Optional. The length of hash in fileName. Min: 8 Max: 32 Default: 20

    fileName, String

    The generated font file names. These elements can be used:

    • [fontname]: the value of the fontName parameter
    • [ext]: the extension of the font file being generated (eot, ...)
    • [hash]: the hash of the current compilation
    • [chunkhash]: the hash of the SVG files

    This option can be also configured globally in the webpack loader options.

    files, Array

    See webfonts-generator#files

    fontName, String

    See webfonts-generator#fontname

    formatOptions, Object

    See webfonts-generator#formatoptions

    rename, Function

    See webfonts-generator#rename

    types, Array

    See webfonts-generator#types


    npm i @tfoxy/webfonts-loader

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