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    ČSOB CZ payment modules

    Source | Gateway documentation

    Module for ČSOB CZ payment gateway


    npm i csobcz_payment_gateway


    Using environment variables

    All keys are strings, for multiline env strings (certificates) check dotenv#rules.

    variable name description
    GATEWAY_URL payment gateway address
    MERCHANT_PRIVATE_KEY merchant private key
    MERCHANT_PUBLIC_KEY merchant public key
    BANK_PUBLIC_KEY bank public key
    CALLBACK_URL url called by gateway after payment
    MERCHANT_ID merchant id from gateway provider

    Alternatively using config:

    const { CSOBPaymentModule } = require('csobcz_payment_gateway');
    const gateway = new CSOBPaymentModule({
      logging: ...,
      gateUrl:   ...,
      privateKey: ...,
      merchantPublicKey: ...,
      bankPublicKey: ...,
      calbackUrl: ...,
      merchantId: ...,
      payloadTemplate: {}

    Attribute logging should be boolean or function used for debug info. By setting payloadTemplate can by overwrited more init method payload (see gateway config):

      "merchantId": "...",
      "returnUrl": "...",

    Available methods

    • status(string payId) - returns payment status
    • init(json payload) - payment init
    • reverse(string payId) - reverse payment with given payId
    • close(string payId) - close payment with given payId
    • refund(string payId, int amount) - refund payment with given payId, if amount specified given amount is refunded
    • echo(string method) - echo test, method is either GET or POST (default)
    • verifyResult(json payload) - if success returns payload else returns error, payload is json returned from gateway callback.

    Extra methods

    • payOrder(json order, boolean close, json options) - wrapper for init and getRedirectUrl, close params is closePayment value, options are merged into request payload order example
      "id": "order1",
      "description": "Moje order",
      "items": [{
          "name": "Nákup: vasobchod.cz",
          "quantity": 1,
          "amount": 200,
          "description": "Produkt 1"

    allowed is 1-2 items.

    • getRedirectUrl(string payId) - returns gateway url for redirection

    Return values/format

    All methods returns Promise when resolved is JSON payload specified in Gateway documentation only Extra methods returns custom payload. Reject is JS Error.

    • payOrder, getRedirectUrl - returned JSON
      "url": "https://api.platebnibrana.csob.cz/api/v1.7/payment/process/MERCHANDID/PAYID/20180504105513/KZr8D0z%2FVYFlX2fy0bs2NTafv...."

    Example usage

    const gateway = require('csobcz_payment_gateway');
    gateway.echo('GET').then(result => {
    }).catch(e => {




    npm i @terap.io/csob-payment-gateway

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