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kintone plugin in JavaScript

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It's written in pure JavaScript, so

  • The CLI works with Node.js in Mac/Windows/Linux
  • The web page works in any modern browsers
  • Validate your manifest.json with JSON Schema

How to install

$ npm install -g @teppeis/kintone-plugin-packer

Usage: CLI

$ kintone-plugin-packer [OPTIONS] PLUGIN_DIR


  • --ppk PPK_FILE: The path of input private key file. If omitted, it is generated automatically into <Plugin ID>.ppk in the same directory of PLUGIN_DIR or --out if specified.
  • --out PLUGIN_FILE: The path of generated plugin file. The default is in the same directory of PLUGIN_DIR.
  • --watch: Watch PLUGIN_DIR for the changes.

How to use with npm run

If your private key is ./private.ppk and the plugin directory is ./plugin, edit package.json:

  "scripts": {
    "package": "kintone-plugin-packer --ppk private.ppk plugin"

and then

$ npm run package

Usage: Node.js API

const packer = require('@teppeis/kintone-plugin-packer');
const fs = require('fs');
const buffer = createContentsZipBufferInYourSelf();
packer(buffer).then(output => {
  fs.writeFileSync('./private.ppk', output.privateKey);
  fs.writeFileSync('./', output.plugin);


MIT License: Teppei Sato <>