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    Hardhat Ignition is an Ethereum deployment system for structuring, automating and distributing smart contract deployment setups. It helps developers clearly articulate and reliably execute the exact deployment result they're looking for.

    The deployment definition is structured following a dependency injection pattern combined with an "infrastructure as code" approach. This means that contract dependencies are explicitly specified for each contract, and a deployment setup is code that describes initialization and relationships across your contracts.

    When it comes to execution, Hardhat Ignition offers a series of features to facilitate and smooth out the often complex process of contract deployment. This includes:

    • Managing multiple deployment environments with different setups.
    • Automated retry and resume mechanisms.
    • Automated gas cost optimization, transaction batching and parallelization for cheaper and faster deployments by default.
    • Tracking of deployed addresses.
    • Availability of hooks throughout the deployment process for running arbitrary maintenance or initialization commands.

    In combination, these features provide the infrastructure needed to confidently and reliably run deployment processes that take a long time without needing to start from scratch somewhere during the process because something went wrong.

    Hardhat Ignition is designed around the concepts of contracts bindings and modules. A contract binding is the definition for how to instantiate a given contract. A module is a collection of bindings, and a module can contain other modules. When you execute a deployment you're deploying a module.

    Using Hardhat Ignition you can manage and structure the deployment of any Ethereum smart contract system, regardless of its size or complexity.


    Quick Start

    npm i @tenderly/hardhat-ignition --dev
    npm i ts-node typescript --dev
    mkdir deployment/


    import { buildModule, ModuleBuilder } from '@tenderly/hardhat-ignition';
    export const GreeterModule = buildModule('GreeterModule', async (m: ModuleBuilder) => {
      const Greeter = m.contract('Greeter', 'Hola mundo!');

    $ npx hardhat-ignition node

    $ npx hardhat-ignition deploy


    Currently, only documentation is available here: Docs


    Designed and built by Tenderly




    npm i @tenderly/loki-deployer

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