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    Tencent Cound API

    This is a basement api tool for all tencent cloud apis.


    Capi is the only class for create a client request instance, and the instance only has one method request. You can use it like below:

    import { Capi } from '@tencent-sdk/capi';
    const client = new Capi({
      Region: 'ap-guangzhou',
      SecretId: 'Please input your SecretId',
      SecretKey: 'Please input your SecretKey',
      Token: 'Please input your Token',
      ServiceType: 'tmt',
    try {
      const res = await client.request(
          Action: 'TextTranslate',
          Version: '2018-03-21',
          SourceText: 'hello',
          Source: 'auto',
          Target: 'zh',
          ProjectId: 0,
          debug: true,
          host: 'tmt.tencentcloudapi.com',
      console.log('res', res);
    } catch (e) {

    This is a demo for using Tencent Machine Translator.


    const client = new Capi(CapiOptions);
    client.request(RequestData, RequestOptions, isV3);

    CapiOptions for Capi Constructor

    Name Description Type Required Default
    ServiceType tencent service type string true ''
    Region request region string true ap-guangzhou
    SecretId tencent account secret id string true ''
    SecretKey tencent account secret key string true ''
    Token tencent account token string false ''
    debug whether enable log debug info boolean false false
    host request host string false false
    baseHost request domain string false 'api.qcloud.com'
    path request path string false '/'
    method request method string false 'POST'
    protocol request protocol string false 'https'
    SignatureMethod request signature string false 'sha1'

    RequestData for reqeust method

    Name Description Type Required Default
    Action api action string true ''
    Version api version string true '2018-03-21'
    RequestClient specify your service string false 'TSS-CAPI'
    [propName] left api parameters any false ''

    RequestOptions for reqeust method

    It is a copy from CapiOptions, if you set this, you can rewrite the properties in CapiOptions.

    isV3 for request method

    isV3 is used to specify to use version for authentication.

    true: using TC3-HMAC-SHA256
    false: using HmacSHA256 or Sha1




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