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Getting started

This readme is for setting up the development environment. Refer to opal-setup project for getting started instructions.

Development setup


node: v8.9.x LTS
npm: 5.5.1 Git: 1.8+

Notes: The current release requires Git to be available on your environment path. Please refer to the Git Setup section. The development should be fine with nodejs versions 6,9 as well. Although, this is not actively tested.

Git Setup

For instructions on setting up git on (Windows/Linux/Mac OSX) refer to link below
Installing Git

On Windows, you can use a portable version of git available from
If portable git used ensure that git.exe is available on your path.

Setup opal-node-red

  • Create a working directory for OPAL node-red & nodes
  • Execute the below from the working directory
git clone
cd opal-node-red
npm install
npm run build
# Install any required OPAL nodes as shown in the setup   
# OPAL nodes section before starting the node-red instance 
npm run start

Setup OPAL nodes

git clone

Install the nodes

Generic Node Installation
cd <WORKING_DIR>/opal-nodes/packages/<NODE_NAME>
npm link
  • Assuming that the opal-node-red in the same working directory as opal-nodes
cd <WORKING_DIR>/opal-node-red
npm link @telligro/<NODE_NAME>

The following nodes are available for OPAL




OPAL-Node-RED is a fork of Node-RED for the OPAL Framework

The OPAL Node-RED fork is maintained by Telligro Pte Ltd
The OPAL Nodes are created and mantained by Telligro Pte Ltd

Node-RED is a project of the JS Foundation.

It was created by IBM Emerging Technology.

For more details about Node-RED visit Node_RED

Copyright and license

Copyright Telligro Pte Ltd 2017, licensed under the GPL v3 license.
Copyright JS Foundation and other contributors, under the Apache 2.0 license.