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Kendo UI Default Theme


The Kendo UI Default Theme is a SCSS-based theme for the Kendo UI components.

Currently, it is available for the following suites:

  • Kendo UI for React.
  • Kendo UI for Angular 2.

We are working on providing support for the Default Theme in Kendo UI jQuery suite too.

Basic Usage

For more information on how to use the Default Theme in Angular 2 and React projects, refer to its introductory topic.


To customize the Default Theme in one swoop, use the colors defined in the styles/_variables.scss file. Any change in this file is propagated to every component.

To style a specific component, use the variables used in its specific .scss file.

The theme is built by running npm run build. The dist/all.css file contains the complete theme that you can use in your project.


Styles are split into components and the dependencies are managed by the import-once mixin. When configuring the styles, define them within an import-once block so that they are bundled once when required from multiple files.

During development, the SCSS files are linted on every commit and built on every push command. The theme package can be tested against a component by linking the theme in the components package.

Upon build, browser-specific properties are generated through the PostCSS autoprefixer.



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