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Web Components for TEI Publisher

This repository contains the web components used by TEI Publisher and apps generated by it.

Distributing the components in a separate package has several benefits:

  • generated apps can depend on a specific version of the components without getting into conflict with other apps
  • the components can be embedded into any environment, e.g. a CMS or blog software, as long as they can communicate with a TEI Publisher instance running somewhere else

While TEI Publisher 5 used Polymer as the framework for webcomponents, components now use the LitElement library, which adds only a thin layer on top of native web components.

Quick Start

Clone the repository, call npm install once and run npm start. This creates a simple webserver which you can access in a browser to see the documentation and demos.

All components talk to an endpoint, which will either be a TEI Publisher instance or an application generated from TEI Publisher. Docs and demos in this repo currently expect the endpoint to be available on http://localhost:8080/exist. TEI Publisher version 6 is required for all features to work correctly.

Loading Components from CDN

To include components into your own application, you can load them from a CDN:

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@webcomponents/webcomponentsjs/webcomponents-loader.js"></script>
<script type="module" src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@teipublisher/pb-components/dist/pb-components-bundle.js"></script>

For most use case, including pb-components-bundle.js is enough. However, we ship additional bundles as described below:

File Description
dist/pb-components-bundle.js (required) the base components, including text views and all core functionality
dist/pb-leaflet-map.js (optional) support for displaying maps
dist/pb-odd-editor.js implements the visual ODD editor
dist/pb-component-docs.js components to view the API documentation of this package
dist/pb-tify.js IIIF presentation API viewer

Bundles build on each other, so you always need to at least include pb-components-bundle.js in your HTML page.

For some examples of how to embed components into plain HTML, see the sample collection on codepen.

Loading from npm

Install @teipublisher/pb-components into your project:

npm install --save @teipublisher/pb-components


If you wish to extend the library with your own components, there's a template project available, which you may fork.


Run npm run build:production to generate the set of bundle files in dist, containing all components and their dependencies.


For development, run npm start as described above. It will start a development server (on port 8000 by default), open a browser window and watch for file changes. Every component should have a demo to show its functionality.

You can configure TEI Publisher (or an app generated from it) to load components from the development server. This allows you to directly test changes you made to components within the full TEI Publisher environment.

In TEI Publisher, open modules/config.xqm and change variable $config:webcomponents to the value dev. Below, the variable $config:webcomponents-cdn should be set to http://localhost:8000:

declare variable $config:webcomponents := "dev";

declare variable $config:webcomponents-cdn := "http://localhost:8000";

After reloading TEI Publisher in the browser, components should be loaded from your local development server.

Building Documentation

To regenerate the API documentation, run npm run docs.


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