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    JavaScript library to access to native functionality. Requires a webview with a postMessage bridge.

    Library size ~1.2 Kb (min + gzip)

    AMD, UMD, IIFE, ES Module builds available (see package dist folder). Open an issue if you need a different build.



    We recommend to manage your dependencies using npm or yarn and use a bundler like webpack or parcel. Once configured, you can use ES imports.

    Install using npm:

    npm i @tef-novum/webview-bridge

    Install using yarn:

    yarn add @tef-novum/webview-bridge

    Import required function and use it:

    import {setWebViewTitle} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
    setWebViewTitle('Hello, world');


    Alternatively, you can import the library directly from a CDN:

    <script src=""></script>
        webviewBridge.setWebViewTitle('Hello, world');



    Returns true if WebView Bridge is available. Use this function to implement fallbacks in case the bridge is not available.

    isWebViewBridgeAvailable: () => boolean;

    Inside an iframe

    By default, the bridge will be disabled inside an iframe. If you want to enable it, add a data-enable-webview-bridge attribute to the host iframe element.


    import {isWebViewBridgeAvailable, nativeAlert} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
    if (isWebViewBridgeAvailable()) {
        nativeAlert('Hello'); // use bridge
    } else {
        myCustomAlert('Hello'); // use alternative implementation

    You may want to detect if the page is displayed inside a regular browser or an Android or iOS WebView.

    import {isWebViewBridgeAvailable} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
    /** Returns true if application is running inside a Novum App WebView */
    const isWebView = () => isWebViewBridgeAvailable();
    /** Returns true if application is running inside a Novum App WebView running on Android */
    const isAndroidWebView = () =>
        isWebViewBridgeAvailable() && navigator.userAgent.includes('Android');
    /** Returns true if application is running inside a Novum App WebView running on iOS */
    const isIOSWebView = () =>
        isWebViewBridgeAvailable() && !navigator.userAgent.includes('Android');


    Show native picker UI in order to let the user select a contact.

    • Android only: picker UI elements can be filtered by available phones (default) or emails. filter property is ignored by iOS devices

    requestContact: ({filter?: 'phone' | 'email'}) => Promise<{
        name?: string;
        email?: string;
        phoneNumber?: string;
        address?: {
            street?: string;
            city?: string;
            country?: string;
            postalCode?: string;

    All fields in response object are optional


    import {requestContact} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
    requestContact({filter: 'phone'}).then((contact) => {
    }).catch(err => {


    Inserts an event in calendar

    createCalendarEvent: ({
        beginTime: number,
        endTime: number,
        title: string
    }) => Promise<void>;

    beginTime and endTime are timestamps with millisecond precision


    import {createCalendarEvent} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
        beginTime: new Date(2019, 10, 06).getTime(),
        endTime: new Date(2019, 10, 07).getTime(),
        title: "Peter's birthday",
    }).then(() => {
        console.log('event created');
    }).catch(err => {


    Invokes the native sharing mechanism of the device.

    • Available for app versions 10.7 and higher
    • Returning promise will be rejected if not supported (app versions lower than 10.7)
    type ShareOptions =
        | {
              text: string;
        | {
              url: string;
              fileName: string;
              text?: string;
    share: (options: ShareOptions) => Promise<void>;
    • If no url is present, text is used as item to share
    • If url param is present, it contains the URL to the shared file
    • fileName param is mandatory if url is set
    • If url and text are set, text is used as Intent BODY (if platform allows it)


    import {share} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
    // sharing a text string
    share({text: 'Hello, world!'});
    // sharing a file
    share({url: 'https://path/to/file', fileName: 'lolcats.png'});


    Customize WebView NavigationBar properties

    • You can set one or more properties in a single call
    • Available for app versions 10.7 and higher
    • Returning promise will be rejected if not supported (app versions lower than 10.7)
    updateNavigationBar = ({
        title?: string;
        expandedTitle?: string;
        showBackButton?: boolean;
        showReloadButton?: boolean;
        showProfileButton?: boolean;
        backgroundColor?: string;
    }) => Promise<void>
    • title: updates NavigationBar title
    • expandedTitle: updates NavigationBar expandedTitle. If the value is an empty string, the expanded navigation bar will not be shown. Only available in native app versions >= 11.8
    • showBackButton: shows or hides back icon in NavigationBar
    • showReloadButton: shows or hides NavigationBar Reload button
    • showProfileButton: shows or hides NavigationBar Profile button (which navigates to user profile). Only available in native app versions >= 11.7
    • backgroundColor: change NavigationBar background color, use a hex color string (for example: '#FF128A')


    import {updateNavigationBar} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
    // updates WebView NavigationBar title
    updateNavigationBar({title: 'Hello, World!'});
    // full featured example
        title: 'Hello',
        expandedTitle: 'Hello, World!',
        showBackButton: true,
        showReloadButton: false,
        showProfileButton: false,
        backgroundColor: '#FF0000', // red


    Returns true if A/B testing named with the key is available.

    • Available for app versions 10.8 and higher
    • Returning promise will be rejected if not supported (app versions lower than 10.8)
    isABTestingAvailable: (key: string) => Promise<boolean>;


    import {isABTestingAvailable} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
    isABTestingAvailable('key').then((isAvailable) => {
    }).catch(err => {


    Show a native confirm dialog.

    If the bridge is not present (eg. showing the page in browser), fallbacks to a browser confirm.

    nativeConfirm: ({
        message: string;
        title?: string;
        acceptText: string;
        cancelText: string;
    }) => Promise<boolean>;


    import {nativeConfirm} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
        title: 'Confirm',
        message: 'Send message?',
        acceptText: 'Yes',
        cancelText: 'No',
    }).then((res) => {
        if (res) {
            console.log('message sent');


    Show a native alert dialog.

    If the bridge is not present (eg. showing the page in browser), fallbacks to a browser alert.

    nativeAlert: ({
        message: string;
        title?: string;
        buttonText: string;
    }) => Promise<void>;


    import {nativeAlert} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
        message: 'Purchase completed!',
        title: 'Ok!',
    }).then((res) => {
        console.log('alert closed');


    Show a native message dialog. Use it to display feedback messages.

    If the bridge is not present (eg. showing the page in browser), fallbacks to a browser alert.

    • buttonText property is ignored in iOS.

    nativeMessage: ({
            message: string;
            duration?: number; // milliseconds
            buttonText?: string; // Android only
            type?: 'INFORMATIVE' | 'CRITICAL' | 'SUCCESS';
    }) => Promise<void>;


    Show a native "snackbar" with a configurable duration and optional close button

    import {nativeMessage} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
        message: 'Operation finished!',
        buttonText: 'Ok',
        duration: 5000, // 5 seconds
    }).then((res) => {
        console.log('alert closed');


    Log an event to firebase

    logEvent: ({
        category: string; // Typically the object that was interacted with (e.g. 'Video')
        action: string; // The type of interaction (e.g. 'play')
        label?: string; // Useful for categorizing events (e.g. 'Fall Campaign')
        value?: number; // A numeric value associated with the event (e.g. 43)
    }) => Promise<void>;

    If you want to use new Google Analytics 4 event format you can use this method too:

    logEvent: ({
        name: string; // The event name is mandatory
        [key: string]: any; // You can set any other event parameters
    }, {
        sanitize?: boolean; // Whether to sanitize the event params, this only affects to FirebaseEvents. true by default.
    }) => Promise<void>;


    import {logEvent} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
        category: 'topup-flow',
        action: 'topup',
    }).then(() => {
        console.log('event logged');
    // Or with GA4 format
        name: 'user_interaction',
        component_type: 'primary_button',
        component_copy: 'topup',
    }).then(() => {
        console.log('event logged');

    About event params sanitization

    By default, GA4 event params are sanitized. The sanitization consists of removing whitespaces and some special characters, lowercasing and trimming. This allows us having a consistent event format accross events.

    In some cases you may want to disable this behavior. To do so, you can set the sanitize option to false:

    logEvent(yourEvent, {sanitize: false});


    Log the current screen name (or page name) to firebase

    setScreenName: (screenName: string, params?: {[key: string]: any}) => Promise<void>;


    import {setScreenName} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
    setScreenName('Topup Flow').then(() => {
        console.log('screen name logged');

    You can also send additional params with the screen name:

    setScreenName('Topup Flow', {someParam: 'some value'});


    Set a user property to firebase

    setUserProperty: ({
        name: string;
        value: string;
    }) => Promise<void>;


    import {setUserProperty} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
        name: 'obIds',
        value: 'any-value',
    }).then(() => {
        console.log('User property logged');


    Report a given feature status

    • Available for app versions 11.2 and higher
    reportStatus: ({feature: 'ACCOUNT', status: 'CRITICAL' | 'GOOD' | 'BAD', reason: string}) => Promise<void>;


    import {reportStatus} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
    reportStatus({feature: 'ACCOUNT', status: 'GOOD', reason: 'whatever'});


    Listens to native app events

    • Available for app versions 11.3 and higher
    type NativeEventHandler = ({ event }: {event: string}) => {action: 'default'};
    onNativeEvent: (handler: NativeEventHandler) => () => void;


    onNativeEvent(({event}) => {
        if (event === 'tappedNavigationBarBackButton') {
            // do something
        return {action: 'default'};

    Available events

    • tappedNavigationBarBackButton: fired when the user taps on the back button of the native Navigation Bar. Allowed response actions: default


    Returns true if the app has the specific notifications permissions. You have to pass feature and required params for this request.

    • Available for app versions 11.4 and higher

    Avalaible features:

    • notifications
    checkPermissionStatus: (feature: string, params?: {[key: string]: string}) => Promise<boolean>;


    import {checkPermissionStatus} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
    checkPermissionStatus('notifications', {channelId: 'default'}).then(
        (hasPermissions) => {


    Init an internal and native navigation to a device specific feature

    • Available for app versions 11.4 and higher

    Avalaible features:

    • notification-settings
    internalNavigation: (feature: string) => Promise<void>;


    import {internalNavigation} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';


    Dismiss the current webview and optionally navigate to another url

    • Available for app versions 11.5 and higher
    dismiss: (onCompletionUrl?: string) => Promise<void>;


    import {dismiss} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';


    Requests the phone to vibrate. Options are 'error' or 'success'.

    import {requestVibration} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';


    Returns contacts info given an array of phone numbers.

    fetchContactsByPhone: (phoneNumbers: Array<string>) => Promise<Array<{
        phoneNumber: string;
        firstName?: string;
        middleName?: string;
        lastName?: string;
        encodedAvatar?: string;


    Check if an app is installed in the phone

    • Available for app versions 11.8 and higher
    getAppMetadata: (appToken: string) => Promise<{isInstalled: boolean; marketUrl: string; appUrl: string}>;


    import {getAppMetadata} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
    getAppMetadata('tokenAppToCheck').then(({isInstalled, marketUrl, appUrl}) => { ... });
    • appToken: token that refers to a "friend" application
    • appUrl: string url to launch an app installed on the phone
    • marketUrl: string url to launch the store in a specific application


    Sets the hash of the current subscription for the customer, which is used for tracking purposes.

    import {setCustomerHash} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';


    Gets the hash of the current subscription for the customer, which is used for tracking purposes.

    import {getCustomerHash} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
    getCustomerHash().then(({hash}) => { ... });


    Return info about how much free disk space the device has

    • Available for app versions 11.10 and higher
    getDiskSpaceInfo: () => Promise<{availableBytes: number, totalBytes: number}>;


    import {getDiskSpaceInfo} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
    getDiskSpaceInfo().then(({availableBytes, totalBytes}) => { ... });
    • availableBytes: number to see available bytes in the device
    • totalBytes: number to see the total bytes in the device


    Return info about the esim capabilities of the device

    • Available for app versions 12.3 and higher
    getEsimInfo: () => Promise<{supportsEsim: boolean}>;


    import {getEsimInfo} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
    getEsimInfo().then(({supportsEsim}) => { ... });
    • supportsEsim: true if the device supports eSIM, false otherwise


    Sets a property related to some specific tracking system

    • Available for app versions 12.4 and higher
    setTrackingProperty: (system: 'palitagem' | 'medallia', name: string, value?: string) => Promise<void>;
    • system: Tracking system that will handle the property
    • name: name of the property
    • value: value of the property (nullable)


    Method that allows defining an specific behavior (such as showing a confirmation) before the specific native actions are executed. This method also allows disabling any previous behaviors set.

    • Available for app versions 12.7 and higher
    type ActionBehavior =
        | {
            behavior: 'confirm';
            title: string;
            message: string;
            acceptText: string;
            cancelText: string;
        | {
            behavior: 'default';
        | {
            behavior: 'cancel';
    setActionBehavior: (actions: {webviewClose?: ActionBehavior, navigationBack?: ActionBehavior}) => Promise<void>;

    navigationBack and webviewClose actions are currently available:

    • navigationBack: Action bar back button pressed (also for physical back button in android but not swipe back gesture in iOS, which will be disabled).
    • webviewClose: Action bar close button pressed. Includes both "X" and "Close" buttons (but not swipe down gesture in iOS, which will be disabled).

    Both have same allowed json parameters, and 3 allowed behaviors:

    • confirm Show a confirmation dialog with the required title, message and buttons.
    • cancel Prevent action from being performed, just ignoring it.
    • default Set default behavior for the action. (Usually to reset any previously specified behavior).

    Actions can be optionally included in the payload. Any not included action won’t change its current behavior set.

    All actions behaviors will be automatically set to default on full page loads.


    import {setTrackingProperty} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
    setTrackingProperty('some_system', 'some_property_name', 'some_property_value');


    Tell the app to renew the session.

    renewSession = (
        oldAccessToken: string | null,
        options: {timeout?: number} = {},
    ) => Promise<string>


    Defines a callback that will be executed when the native app renews the session. Returns the unsubscribe function.

    onSessionRenewed = (
        handler: (newAccessToken: string) => void,
    ) => (() => void)


    Method that requests a user logout.

    logout = () => Promise<void>


    Returns the Topaz token.

    getTopazToken = (options: {timeout?: number} = {}) => Promise<{token: string}>


    Show native app rating dialog

    showAppRating = () => Promise<void>


    Show native bottom sheet ui

    • Available in Novum app since 13.8 version

    bottomSheet = (payload: SheetUI) => Promise<SheetResponse>
    // see SheetUI and SheetResponse types

    For the specific case of single selection, you can use the bottomSheetSingleSelector method:

    bottomSheetSingleSelector = ({
        title?: string;
        subtitle?: string;
        description?: string;
        selectedId?: string;
        items: Array<SheetListItem>;
    }) => Promise<{action: 'SUBMIT' | 'DISMISS'; selected: string}>

    ⚠️ If you try to call this method repeatedly while a sheet is already being opened (for example, user accidental double tap), it will throw an Error with code 423 (Locked)


    import {bottomSheetSingleSelector} from '@tef-novum/webview-bridge';
    const {action, selected} = await bottomSheetSingleSelector({
        title: 'Some title',
        subtitle: 'Some subtitle',
        description: 'Some description',
        selectedId: 'item-1',
        items: [
                id: 'item-0',
                title: 'item 0 title',
                description: 'item 0 description',
                id: 'item-1',
                title: 'item 1 title',
                description: 'item 1 description',
                id: 'item-2',
                title: 'item 2 title',
                description: 'item 2 description',

    Error handling

    If an error occurs, promise will be rejected with an error object:

    {code: number, description: string}


    This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. See the LICENSE file.




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