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    TeaTime-Code Fork of CKEditor 4 - Smart WYSIWYG HTML editor (with extra modifications)

    This modifcation uses the best out of CKEditor4, and add a customizing interface who wanted to extend the editor in a more modern way(especially, intergrated with React, and custom elements for dynamic contents).

    CKEditor4 is A highly configurable WYSIWYG HTML editor with hundreds of features, from creating rich text content with captioned images, videos, tables, media embeds, emoji or mentions to pasting from Word and Google Docs and drag&drop image upload.

    Supports a broad range of browsers, including legacy ones.

    CKEditor 4 screenshot

    Getting started

    Using npm package

    $ yarn add @teatime-code/ckeditor4-dev

    Working with the ckeditor4 repostiory

    Brances from original CKEditor4 repositories

    This repository contains the following branches:

    • master – Development of the upcoming minor release.
    • major – Development of the upcoming major release.
    • stable – Latest stable release tag point (non-beta).
    • latest – Latest release tag point (including betas).
    • release/A.B.x (e.g. 4.0.x, 4.1.x) – Release freeze, tests and tagging. Hotfixing.

    Note that both master and major are under heavy development. Their code did not pass the release testing phase, though, so it may be unstable.

    Additionally, all releases have their respective tags in the following form: 4.4.0, 4.4.1, etc.


    The samples/ folder contains some examples that can be used to test your installation. Visit CKEditor 4 Examples for plenty of samples showcasing numerous editor features, with source code readily available to view, copy and use in your own solution.

    Code structure

    The development code contains the following main elements:

    • Main coding folders:
      • core/ – The core API of CKEditor 4. Alone, it does nothing, but it provides the entire JavaScript API that makes the magic happen.
      • plugins/ – Contains most of the plugins maintained by the CKEditor 4 core team.
      • skin/ – Contains the official default skin of CKEditor 4.
      • dev/ – Contains some developer tools.
      • tests/ – Contains the CKEditor 4 tests suite.

    Building a release

    A release-optimized version of the development code can be easily created locally. The dev/builder/build.sh script can be used for that purpose:

    > ./dev/builder/build.sh

    A "release-ready" working copy of your development code will be built in the new dev/builder/release/ folder. An Internet connection is necessary to run the builder, for the first time at least.

    Testing environment

    Read more on how to set up the environment and execute tests in the CKEditor 4 Testing Environment guide.


    Copyright (c) 2003-2020, CKSource - Frederico Knabben. All rights reserved.

    For licensing, see LICENSE.md or https://ckeditor.com/legal/ckeditor-oss-license


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