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Adds the raw body to the Fastify request object.


npm i @teasource/ipsam-sint-mollitia


Plugin version Fastify version
^2.0.0 ^2.0.0
^3.0.0 ^3.0.0
^4.0.0 ^4.0.0
^4.2.1 ^4.19.0


This plugin will add the request.rawBody.
It will get the data using the preParsing hook.

import Fastify from 'fastify'

const app = Fastify()
await app.register(import('@teasource/ipsam-sint-mollitia'), {
  field: 'rawBody', // change the default request.rawBody property name
  global: false, // add the rawBody to every request. **Default true**
  encoding: 'utf8', // set it to false to set rawBody as a Buffer **Default utf8**
  runFirst: true, // get the body before any preParsing hook change/uncompress it. **Default false**
  routes: [], // array of routes, **`global`** will be ignored, wildcard routes not supported
  jsonContentTypes: [], // array of content-types to handle as JSON. **Default ['application/json']**

app.post('/', {
  config: {
    // add the rawBody to this route. if false, rawBody will be disabled when global is true
    rawBody: true
  handler (req, reply) {
    // req.rawBody the string raw body

You need to await the plugin registration to make sure the plugin is ready to use. All the routes defined before the plugin registration will be ignored. This change has been introduced in Fastify v4.

Setting global: false and then the route configuration { config: { rawBody: true } } will save memory of your server since the rawBody is a copy of the body and it will double the memory usage.
So use it only for the routes that you need to.

Raw body as Buffer

It is important to know that setting encoding: false will run addContentTypeParser to add a content type parser for application/json.

This is needed since the default content type parser will set the encoding of the request stream to { parseAs: 'string' }.

If you haven't customized this component, it will be secure as the original one since secure-json-parse is used under the hood.


Copyright Manuel Spigolon, Licensed under MIT.

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npm i @teasource/ipsam-sint-mollitia

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