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NestJS Google Cloud Pub/Sub Microservice Transport

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This repository is a fork of p-fedyukovich/nestjs-google-pubsub-microservice

Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Pub/Sub is an asynchronous messaging service that decouples services that produce events from services that process events.

You can use Pub/Sub as messaging-oriented middleware or event ingestion and delivery for streaming analytics pipelines.

Pub/Sub offers durable message storage and real-time message delivery with high availability and consistent performance at scale


To start building Pub/Sub-based microservices, first install the required packages:

$ npm i --save @google-cloud/pubsub nestjs-google-pubsub-microservice


To use the Pub/Sub transporter, pass the following options object to the createMicroservice() method:

const app = await NestFactory.createMicroservice<MicroserviceOptions>(
    strategy: new GCPubSubServer({
      topic: 'cats_topic',
      subscription: 'cats_subscription',
      client: {
        projectId: 'microservice',


The options property is specific to the chosen transporter. The GCloud Pub/Sub transporter exposes the properties described below.

topic Topic name which your server subscription will belong to
subscription Subscription name which your server will listen to
replyTopic Topic name which your client subscription will belong to
replySubscription Subscription name which your client will listen to
noAck If false, manual acknowledgment mode enabled
init If false, topics and subscriptions will not be created, only validated
checkExistence If false, topics and subscriptions will not be checked, only used. This only applies when init is false
client Additional client options (read more here)
publisher Additional topic publisher options (read more here)
subscriber Additional subscriber options (read more here)
createSubscriptionOptions Options to create subscription if init is set to true and a subscription is needed to be created (read more here)
autoResume Automatically resume publishing a message with ordering key if it fails (read more here)
autoDeleteSubscriptionOnShutdown Automatically delete the subscription that is connected by the client on shutdown. If the deletion fails, it will close the subscription
clientIdFilter Allows a client to only receive the response from its own request
appendClientIdtoSubscription Append client id to the name of the subscription on init


Client can be instantiated by importing GCPubSubClientModule to the root module. The clients can be registered with both the register method or the registerAsync method via useFactory.

  imports: [
      name: 'client-1'.
      config: options
      name: 'client-2',
      imports: [ConfigModule],
      inject: [ConfigService],
      useFactory: (configService: ConfigService) => {
        return this.configService.get('GCPubSubClientOptions')
export class AppModule {}

The client can then be injected with @InjectGCPubSubClient decorator

export class AppService {
    @InjectGCPubSubClient('client-1') private readonly client: GCPubSUbCLient,
  ) {}

If the token for the client is needed for tests, the package provides a utility function getGCPubSubClientToken to retrive the provider token of the client.

const token = getGCPubSubClientToken('client-1');


To fully utilize the features provided by Google PubSub, the message needs to be serialized and deserialized in a certain way to ensure the integrity of the data. Therefore, a helper class, GCPubSubMessageBuilder is available to build messages with features such as attributes, ordering key and timeouts.



  new GCPubSubMessageBuilder(data)
Constructor &ltTData&gt &ltTAttrs&gt
data? TData Data of the message payload
attributes? TAttrs Attributes of the payload
orderingKey? string Ordering key of the message
timeout? number Timeout of the message, the request will not be processed if the request exceeds the timeout when it reaches the server
setData (data: TData) => this Setting the data of the message
setAttributes (attributes: TAttrs) => this Setting the attributes of the payload
setOrderingKey (orderingKey: string) => this Setting the ordering key of the message
setTimeout (timeout: number) => this Setting the timeout value of the payload
build () => GCPubSubMessage Build the message, throws error if data is empty


In more sophisticated scenarios, you may want to access more information about the incoming request. When using the Pub/Sub transporter, you can access the GCPubSubContext object.

getNotifications(@Payload() data: number[], @Ctx() context: GCPubSubContext) {
  console.log(`Pattern: ${context.getPattern()}`);

To access the original Pub/Sub message (with the attributes, data, ack and nack), use the getMessage() method of the GCPubSubContext object, as follows:

getNotifications(@Payload() data: number[], @Ctx() context: GCPubSubContext) {

Message acknowledgement

To make sure a message is never lost, Pub/Sub supports message acknowledgements. An acknowledgement is sent back by the consumer to tell Pub/Sub that a particular message has been received, processed and that Pub/Sub is free to delete it. If a consumer dies (its subscription is closed, connection is closed, or TCP connection is lost) without sending an ack, Pub/Sub will understand that a message wasn't processed fully and will re-deliver it.

To enable manual acknowledgment mode, set the noAck property to false:

  replyTopic: 'cats_topic_reply',
  replySubscription: 'cats_subscription_reply',
  noAck: false,
  client: {
    projectId: 'microservice',

When manual consumer acknowledgements are turned on, we must send a proper acknowledgement from the worker to signal that we are done with a task.

getNotifications(@Payload() data: number[], @Ctx() context: GCPubSubContext) {
  const originalMsg = context.getMessage();


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