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🌍 Tezos Wallet Provider

Tezos Wallet Provider integrates seamlessly with Tatum SDK to provide extended wallet capabilities for Tezos.

📖 Description

The Tezos Wallet Provider provides an array of tools for:

  • Generating mnemonics for seed phrases.
  • Generating and deriving private keys and addresses from mnemonics.
  • Signing and broadcasting transactions to the Tezos network.

It is built upon popular packages like sotez, ensuring a robust and secure foundation.

🚀 Quick Start

  1. Installation

    Firstly, ensure that the @tatumio/tezos-wallet-provider package is set as a dependency within your project. Next, import the Tezos Wallet Provider extension:

    import { TezosWalletProvider } from '@tatumio/tezos-wallet-provider'
  2. Initialization

    Create an instance of Tatum SDK passing TezosWalletProvider as one of wallet providers.

    const tatumSdk = await TatumSDK.init<Tezos>({
      network: Network.TEZOS,
      configureWalletProviders: [TezosWalletProvider],

🛠️ How to Use

  1. Generate Mnemonic

    const mnemonic = tatumSdk.walletProvider.use(TezosWalletProvider).generateMnemonic()
  2. Generate Private Key from Mnemonic

    const privateKey = await tatumSdk.walletProvider
  3. Generate Address from Private key

    const address = await tatumSdk.walletProvider
  4. Get Private Key, Address and Mnemonic

    const { privateKey, address, mnemonic } = await tatumSdk.walletProvider
  5. Sign and Broadcast a Transaction

    Define your payload according to the EvmTxPayload type:

    const tezosTxPayload = {
         privateKey: privateKey,
         to: address,
         amount: 0.1,
    const txHash = await tatumSdk.walletProvider.use(TezosWalletProvider).signAndBroadcast(tezosTxPayload)

Remember to always ensure the safety of mnemonics, private keys, and other sensitive data. Never expose them in client-side code or public repositories.

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