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    Client Side Excel Export using JavaScript


    Various server-side binaries and support libraries are present to help us export grids / tables / data to excel sheets, but the same export handling at client side is a tough nut to crack. This plugin helps you achieve that, thereby providing advance features as well.


    • npm i @tarunbatta/excelexportjs

    Setup Dev Instance

    • npm install -g grunt-cli

    Run on Dev Instance

    • change module from "commonjs" to "es2015" in tsconfig.json
    • live-server

    Build Dist

    • grunt

    Create Git Tag

    • git tag
    • git tag -a 4.0.x -m "version 4.0.x"
    • git push origin 4.0.x

    Publish Library

    • npm publish

    Sample Usage

    Import the library as follows,

    var excelExportJs = require("./excelExportJs");


    import { excelExportJs } from './excelExportJs';

    The following is an example implementation where two tables are exported to an excel sheet,

    var cols = new Array<excelExportJs.eeColumn>();
    cols.push(new excelExportJs.eeColumn('sNo', 'S.No.', new excelExportJs.eeColumnType(excelExportJs.eeCellTypes.Number), 25));
    cols.push(new excelExportJs.eeColumn('name', 'Name', new excelExportJs.eeColumnType(excelExportJs.eeCellTypes.Html), 100));
    cols.push(new excelExportJs.eeColumn('age', 'Age', new excelExportJs.eeColumnType(excelExportJs.eeCellTypes.Number), 25));
    cols.push(new excelExportJs.eeColumn('dob', 'Date Of Birth', new excelExportJs.eeColumnType(excelExportJs.eeCellTypes.DateTime), 75));
    cols.push(new excelExportJs.eeColumn('salary', 'Salary $', new excelExportJs.eeColumnType(excelExportJs.eeCellTypes.Float)));
    cols.push(new excelExportJs.eeColumn('isActive', 'Is Active', new excelExportJs.eeColumnType(excelExportJs.eeCellTypes.Boolean)));
    cols.push(new excelExportJs.eeColumn('marks', 'Marks %', new excelExportJs.eeColumnType(excelExportJs.eeCellTypes.Percent)));
    var rows = new Array<excelExportJs.eeRow>();
    var row = new excelExportJs.eeRow([
        { sNo: 1, name: '<a>Tarun</a>', age: 34, dob: '1-Nov-1983', salary: 1.11, isActive: true, marks: 0.1211 },
        { sNo: 2, name: 'Jax', age: 32, dob: { data: '5-Jan-1985', style: new excelExportJs.eeCellStyle(new excelExportJs.eeBackground('#34FFFF')) }, salary: 2.33, isActive: false, marks: 0.5422 },
        { sNo: 3, name: 'Max', age: 1, dob: { data: '15-Jun-2017', style: new excelExportJs.eeCellStyle(new excelExportJs.eeBackground('#FF0000')) }, salary: 3.44, isActive: true, marks: 0.8133 }
    var table = new excelExportJs.eeTable('Table 1', cols, rows);
    var table2 = new excelExportJs.eeTable('Table 2', cols, rows);
    var dataSet = new Array<excelExportJs.eeTable>();
    var obj = new excelExportJs.excelExport(dataSet);
    var a = document.createElement("a");
    a.innerText = 'Click Me';
    a.href = obj.CreateExcel(true, true);
    a.download = 'download.xml';

    Supported Browsers

    • Chrome, supported in all versions
    • Firefox, supported in all versions
    • Microsoft Edge, supported in all versions
    • Safari, supported in all versions
    • Opera, supported since 7.2
    • Internet Explorer, not compatible.


    npm i @tarunbatta/excelexportjs

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