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    Tangle Linked Data Proofs

    ld-proofs enables Linked Data Proofs on the Tangle. Powered by IOTA Identity and IOTA Streams.

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    npm install @tangle-js/ld-proofs

    How it works

    Aligned with the W3C Linked Data Proofs proposed specification this library allows the generation and verification of Linked Data Proofs associated to plain messages or JSON(-LD) documents. Different kinds of Linked Data Proofs can be generated:

    • EdDSA (Ed25519) Signatures over plain messages
    • Linked Data Signatures for JSON-LD Documents Ed25519Signature2018
    • Linked Data Signatures for JSON Documents JcsEd25519Signature2020
    • Linked Data Proofs anchored to the Tangle (using the anchors library). The proof's type is IotaLinkedDataProof2021. This type of proof anchors to the Tangle a Linked Data Signature together with a reference to the signed document.

    The identities and their corresponding public key materials follow the W3C DID specification.


    Linked Data Signature generation (Ed25519 over JSON(-LD))

    const did = "did:iota:2pu42SstXrg7uMEGHS5qkBDEJ1hrbrYtWQReMUvkCrDP";
    // Default node is IF Chrysalis Nodes
    const signer = await IotaSigner.create(did, node?);
    const jsonLdDocument = {
        "@context": "https://schema.org",
        "type": "Organization",
        "name": "IOTA Foundation"
    const options: ISigningOptions = {
        secret: privateKey,
        signatureType: SignatureTypes.ED25519_2018 
    // Obtains a Linked Data Signature
    const ldSignature = signer.signJson(jsonLdDocument, options);

    Linked Data Signatures verification (Ed25519 over JSON(-LD) objects)

    // The document includes the former document and the Linked Data Signature
    const signedDoc = {
        "@context": "https://schema.org",
        "type": "Organization",
        "name": "IOTA Foundation",
        "proof": {
            "proofValue": "3JTS3UaJc2aS2rxkQ1Z4GEs9HjvASnm3e2s5VT5pS8voGEBodWBBd6P7YUmq8eN92H9v1u2gmqER7Y6wXhgcywYX",
            "type": "Ed25519Signature2018",
            "verificationMethod": "did:iota:2pu42SstXrg7uMEGHS5qkBDEJ1hrbrYtWQReMUvkCrDP#key",
            "proofPurpose": "dataVerification",
            "created": "2021-06-21T13:29:25.976Z"
    // True if verified. False otherwise. 
    const verified = await IotaVerifier.verifyJson(signedDoc);

    Linked Data Proofs generation (anchored to the Tangle)

    See the anchors library and the IotaSigner class.

    const anchorChannel = /* Instantiate an anchoring channel */
    const signer = /* Instantiate a signer */
    const proofGenerator = IotaLdProofGenerator.create(anchoringChannel, signer);
    // Generates the Linked Data Signature and anchors it to the Tangle generating 
    // an Iota proof
    const tangleProof = await proofGenerator.generate(jsonLdDocument, {
        signatureType: SignatureTypes.ED25519_2018,
        anchorageID: anchoringChannel.firstAnchorageID

    Linked Data Proofs verification

    const anchoredDoc = {
        "@context": "https://schema.org",
        "type": "Organization",
        "name": "IOTA Foundation",
        "proof": {
            "type": "IotaLinkedDataProof2021",
            "verificationMethod": "did:iota:yUxEqDGgL2WF4sQq2TEzdmDjDkRsHKL5TcLWrdAjmb4",
            "proofPurpose": "dataVerification",
            "proofValue": {
                "channelID": "1761e16e50dd6c95f7155979b5691b0a4390559f6ff0287a297cc2ae818312c40000000000000000:7bc48fb8fe5dccdb81dd5dcd",
                "anchorageID": "e7b123ed4c6a803538a52233",
                "msgID": "1fa6dde995dd6320bc0f7958"
            "created": "2021-07-01T10:21:50.338Z"
    const verified = await IotaLdProofVerifier.verifyJson(anchoredDoc);

    Signing plain messages

    Only EdDSA (Ed25519) is supported.

    // The node is optional and by default will be IF mainnet nodes
    const node = "https://chrysalis-nodes.iota.org";
    // The DID contains the public cryptographic materials used by the signer
    const did = "did:iota:2pu42SstXrg7uMEGHS5qkBDEJ1hrbrYtWQReMUvkCrDP";
    const signer = await IotaSigner.create(did);
    // Plain message to be signed
    const message = "hello";
    // Method declared on the signer's concerned DID document
    const method = "key";
    // Private Key in base58
    const privateKey = "privateKeybase58";
    const options: ISigningOptions = {
        signatureType: SignatureTypes.PLAIN_ED25519,
        verificationMethod: method,
        secret: privateKey
    const signingResult = await signer.sign(Buffer.from(message), options);
    console.log("Signature: ", signingResult.signatureValue);

    Verifying plain messages

    const options: IVerificationOptions = {
        verificationMethod: "did:iota:2pu42SstXrg7uMEGHS5qkBDEJ1hrbrYtWQReMUvkCrDP#key",
        // Node is optional and it is IOTA's mainnet by default
        node: "https://chrysalis-nodes.iota.org"
    const verified = await IotaVerifier.verify(message, signatureValue, options);


    npm i @tangle-js/ld-proofs

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