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    TalkJS React Native SDK (Expo)

    Official TalkJS SDK for React Native (Expo)

    Note: This module is identical to @talkjs/react-native, except it has push notification support disabled. If you need push notifications, you can send them from your own backend using TalkJS webhooks or you can switch to @talkjs/react-native and create a development build for your project using EAS Build or eject to the bare workflow.

    Expo's push notification support is rather limited which means that ejecting is the only option if you need advanced push notification UX features offered in Android, such as images in the notifications, making notifications appear as conversations, or grouping notifications per conversation.

    What is TalkJS?

    TalkJS lets you add user-to-user chat to your marketplace, on-demand app, or social platform. For more information, visit

    Screenshots of TalkJS running on various devices

    Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions about TalkJS.


    expo install @talkjs/expo


    You can import the library in one of the following ways:

    ES6 / TypeScript:

    import * as TalkjsRn from '@talkjs/expo';


    const TalkjsRn = require('@talkjs/expo');

    Then follow our React Native guide to start using TalkJS in your project.

    TalkJS is fully forward compatible

    We promise to never break API compatibility. We may at times deprecate methods or fields, but we will never remove them. If something that used to work stops working, then that's a bug. Please report it and we'll fix it asap.

    The package is being released in a beta state. The reason for this is that there are things that one can do with the TalkJS JavaScript SDK that aren't possible with the React Native SDK. We will release v1.0.0 of this package once the two SDKs are similar in terms of features. This however does not take away from our commitment to always maintain backward compatibility. So you can be assured that the package is stable for production use.


    Note: These are only the changes that have an effect on the React Native package and its interface. TalkJS gets many improvements and fixes all the time. Consider subscribing to our changelog if you want to stay updated.



    • Fix mark as read. This release ensures that messages are marked as read reliably as long as the chat is visible. If the app is in the background, or the chat is covered by the System UI (example: when receiving a call) then the messages won't be marked as read.

    • Fix rare crash on Android for SDK 28+ when the @react-navigation/native library is used.


    With this release, we have updated the package's dependencies and peer dependencies to keep them up to date and also fix bugs in some of them.

    As of npm v7, peer dependencies are installed by default so updating the TalkJS SDK should also update the peer dependencies accordingly. For yarn users, you may have to update the packages individually.


    • Fix "Chat not found" error when joining as Guest.


    • Fix regression in the support of devices with iOS 14 and lower.


    • Fix "Chat not found" bug when creating a new conversation.


    New Features

    • Improved Error Reporting.
    • Add support for Guest Access through the addition of asGuest prop in Chatbox.
    • Enable capturing of keyup events in Chatbox through the captureKeyboardEvents and onKeyup props.
    • Added the methods: getText and typeText to MessageField.



    • Fix bug when user and/or conversation synchronization were disabled.


    • The following props in ConversationList: feedConversationTitleMode, thirdParties, onBlur and onFocus.
    • The following props in Chatbox: chatSubtitleMode, chatTitleMode, thirdParties, translateConversations, onBlur and onFocus.


    • Fix bug in Chatbox when conversation synchronization was disabled.


    • Added a ConversationList component.
    • Added the messageField property to the Chatbox component
    • Fix bug in ConversationBuilder.setAttributes that prevented setting a value to null or undefined after previously having given it a value.
    • (iOS): Fix push notification registration token not getting received.
    • (iOS): Fix zooming when messageField is clicked.


    • Added the following components: Session, Chatbox and HtmlPanel.
    • First release


    npm i @talkjs/expo


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