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    TakeShape Netlify build plugin

    Automatically create and configure a TakeShape project for use with your Netlify site.

    Deploy to Netlify

    The plugin will

    • create a TakeShape project for your Netlify site, if it does not exist already
    • (optional) import a pattern when creating the project
    • create read-only and read-write API keys for the project and add them to the build environment
    • in subsequent builds, deploy any changes to your pattern's schema.json file, if present


    File-based configuration

    Add the following to your netlify.toml file:

      package = "@takeshape/netlify-plugin-takeshape"
      # Optional: specify the timzeone for your TakeShape project (defaults to "America/New_York")
        timezone = "America/Los_Angeles"

    Then, add the package as a dev dependency:

    npm install -D @takeshape/netlify-plugin-takeshape

    Environment variables

    1. Create a new personal access token.
    2. In the Netlify UI, go to Site settings > Build & deploy > Environment > Environment variables and set the personal access token as the value of the TAKESHAPE_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable.

    Refer to the Netlify docs for further information about configuring environment variables.

    Before building

    If you wish to create your TakeShape project from a pattern, add the schema.json and any other pattern files to a .takeshape/pattern directory in the repository for your Netlify site. The build plugin will import the pattern when creating your project and, in subsequent builds, will deploy any changes to your .takeshape/pattern/schema.json file.

    Authenticating your Netlify site with TakeShape

    The plugin will automatically create API keys for your TakeShape project and add them to the Netlify build as the TAKESHAPE_READ_ONLY_API_KEY and TAKESHAPE_READ_WRITE_KEY environment variables. Refer to the Netlify docs for instructions for accessing environment variables either during or after the build.


    npm i @takeshape/netlify-plugin-takeshape

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