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    wirecard is a simplified middleware library, for executing wirecard payments, for node.js. It includes predefined (async) request and response methods to work with Koa as well as (async) operation method for handling Wirecard's backand operations.

    This entire document is a work in progress.


    This library is currently tested and used for Wirecard Checkout Page and Backend Operations.


    Include following line in the dependencies section of your package.js.

    "wirecard": "git+{version}"


    • logger: A winston logger instance.
    • options:
      • secret: required The Wirecard secret.
      • customerId: required The Wirecard customer identifier.
      • shopId: The wirecard shop identifer.
      • toolkitPassword: required on operation The Wirecard toolkit password for executing backend operations.
      • request: You have the possibility to send all possible options which are defined on Wirecard's developer guides here.
      • prepareRequest: An (async) function which gives you the possibility to modify the options before they will be send to Wirecard.
      • prepareResponse: An (async) function which gives you the possibility to prepare an other secret out of the given options before the fingerprint will be checked.

    Predefined Methods

    • request: koa-router middleware to start a Wirecard Checkout Page, which will take custom options over request params (GET) or body (POST).
    {koa-router}.get('/wirecard', new Wirecard({options}).request)
    • response: koa-router middleware to handle the Wirecard Checkout Page responses
    {koa-router}.get('/wirecard', new Wirecard({options}).response)
    • operation: (async) function which will execute any Wirecard Backend Operations.
    new Wirecard({options}).operation({special-operation-options})
    • deposit: (async) function which will execute the transaction based deposit operation.
    const { paymentNumber } = new Wirecard({options}).deposit({
        orderNumber: 123456789,
        amount: 100,
        currency: 'EUR'
    • reversal: (async) function which will execute any transaction based approved reversal operation.
    new Wirecard({options}).reversal({
        orderNumber: 123456789,
    • recurPayment: (async) function which will execute a recurring payment operation based on data of a previous order.
    new Wirecard({options}).recurPayment({
        orderNumber: 123456789,
        sourceOrderNumber: 987654321,
        amount: 100,
        currency: 'EUR',
        orderDescription: 'Recurring Payment Test',
        autoDeposit: 'No'
    • getOrderDetails: (async) function to get all details of an order with a specific order number.
    new Wirecard({options}).getOrderDetails({
        orderNumber: 123456789



    npm run test

    Start Example Server

    npm run example:start



    npm i @tailored-apps/wirecard

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