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    ngx-clipboard , F.K.A angular2-clipboard

    From 6.0.0, there is no other JS dependency anymore. Just Angular.

    It works with angular version 2.0.0 and up

    To make more sense with the future versioning scheme of Angular, the directive selector is now rename to ngxClipboard

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    • Angular >=6.0.0

    If you need to use it on 2.x, please use version 7.x.x. If you need to use it on 4.x, please use version 8.x.x. If you need to use it on 5.x, please use version 10.x.x.

    The code are pretty much the same, in 8.0.0 it uses InjectionToken which requires angular4 and above.


    You can get it on npm.

    npm install ngx-clipboard --save

    Open your module file e.g app.module.ts and update imports array

    import { ClipboardModule } from 'ngx-clipboard';
    imports: [


    If you use SystemJS to load your files, you might have to update your config:

        map: {
            'ngx-clipboard': 'node_modules/ngx-clipboard'

    Copy source

    This library support multiple kinds of copy source.

    • Setting cbContent attribute
    <button ngxClipboard [cbContent]="'target string'">Copy</button>

    You can assign the parent container to avoid focus trapper issue, #145

    <div #container>
        <button ngxClipboard [cbContent]="'target string'" [container]="container">Copy</button>
    • Setting an input target
    <input type="text" #inputTarget />
    <button [ngxClipboard]="inputTarget">Copy</button>
    • Using copyFromContent from ClipboardService to copy any text you dynamically created.
    import { ClipboardService } from 'ngx-clipboard'
    constructor(private _clipboardService: ClipboardService){
    copy(text: string){


    • cbOnSuccess callback attribute is triggered after copy was successful with $event: {isSuccess: true, content: string}
    <button (cbOnSuccess)="copied($event)" [cbContent]="'example string'">Copied</button>

    Or updating parameters directly like so

    <button (cbOnSuccess)="isCopied = true" [cbContent]="'example string'">Copied</button>
    • cbOnError callback attribute is triggered when there's failure in copying with $event:{isSuccess: false}

    Conditionally render host

    You can also use the structural directive *ngxClipboardIfSupported to conditionally render the host element

    <button ngxClipboard *ngxClipboardIfSupported [cbContent]="'target string'" (cbOnSuccess)="isCopied = true">

    Special thanks to @surajpoddar16 for implementing this feature

    Handle copy response globally

    To handle copy response globally, you can subscribe to copyResponse$ exposed by the ClipboardService

    export class ClipboardResponseService {
        private _clipboardService: ClipboardService,
        private _toasterService: ToasterService
      ) {
      handleClipboardResponse() {
        this._clipboardService.copyObservable$.subscribe((res: IClipboardResponse) => {
          if (res.isSuccess) {
            this._toasterService.pop('success', undefined, res.successMessage);

    Special thanks to @surajpoddar16 for implementing this feature

    Clean up temporary textarea used by this module after each copy to clipboard

    This library creates a textarea element at the root of the body for its internal use. By default it only destroys it when the directive is destroyed. If you'd like it to be destroyed after each copy to clipboard, provide root level module configuration like this:

    ClipboardService.configure({ cleanUpAfterCopy: true });

    Special thanks to @DmitryEfimenko for implementing this feature


    Build project

    1. npm i
    2. npm run build

    To run demo code locally

    npm run start


    • Your commits conform to the conventions established here


    Please ask your general questions at

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    Kudos to

    Thierry Templier This project is inspired by his answer on StackOverflow.

    The core function is ported from clipboard.js by @zenorocha.

    This project was generated with Angular CLI version 7.

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