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    Both polymorphic and 'normal' component have been merged, please use @ta-interaktiv/react-tracking instead. No changes in your code are necessary.


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    React Polymorphic Tracking

    React component that grabs the current tracking data from the Newsnet API and sets up the appropriate trackers (WEMF, Webseismo, Google Tag Manager).


    yarn add @ta-interaktiv/react-polymorphic-tracking



    Extends React.PureComponent

    Component to track visits to a website, accessing the Newsnet API for all tracking information. Currently supports GTM, WEMF and Webseismo. Additional Providers need to be added separately.


    • articleId string? The article ID of the link article in the CD. If not available it will assume that content is being loaded in an iframe. (So, yes, you can use this component without adding the articleId attribute.)


    import Tracking from '@ta-interaktiv/react-polymorphic-tracking'
    function YourComponent (props) {
      return (
          <Tracking articleId='3352335' />


    Helper function. Tracks a visit by calling the URL of a tracking pixel.


    • src string The URL of the tracking pixel to use as the image source.

    Returns void


    Code resides in /src.

    This repository follows the Standard JS style. To fix your code, run

    yarn run fix

    JavaScript Style Guide

    Type checking is provided by Flow.

    yarn run flow


    Styles reside in /style and/or /scss.


    Test cases are provided using Storybook. Add test cases in /stories/index.js, and run them with

    yarn run storybook

    They will appear on http://localhost:9001.

    Automated tests are written for Jest and can be found in /test. Run the test suite using

    yarn run test


    Babel is used to provide ES5 compatible code. To compile run

    yarn run dist


    Documentation is generated from source, using both JSDoc comments as well as Flow type annotations. Update the documentation in this file using

    yarn run docs


    The changelog is generated from git commits. In order to update the changelog, you may use

    yarn run changelog

    – however, ever better is


    For correct tagging, updating the changelog etc. you can use the appropriate NPM scripts.

    These scripts will 1. Bump the package.json version number 2. Update the documentation 3. Update the changelog 4. Commit these changes 5. Tag the commit with the correct version number

    For project changes that improve the code in some way, but don't change the API in any way, use

    yarn run version:patch

    For project changes that add to the API or add functionality but will not affect the functioning of older implementations, use

    yarn run version:minor

    For project changes that change the component in a fundamental way that would require code that implemented an older version of this component to be rewritten, use

    yarn run version:major


    In order to publish everything, both to the repository as well as NPM, use

    yarn run push


    npm i @ta-interaktiv/react-polymorphic-tracking

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