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Firstly this repository serves as a single point of entry for all language-variants of the Syscoin API. All variants can be found in the /server directory. The variant officially supported by Blockchain Foundry, the primary developers of Syscoin is the NodeJS variant located in /server/nodejs. Deployment specifics can be found in the README file relative to the desired variant (ie: /server/nodejs/README).

Secondly this repository allows users to generate various Syscoin-API server and client stubs based on the provided OpenAPI spec in swagger.yaml. They can then complete the implementation of the business logic (if working on the server side) within that variant and issue a pull request- for more information see the Contributing section.

Generating API

To generate the API first download swagger-codegen and build it. After its built, create an alias:

alias swagger-codegen='java -jar [/path/to/built/swagger-codegen]/swagger-codegen/modules/swagger-codegen-cli/target/swagger-codegen-cli.jar'

Generating the JSON Spec

Anytime the root swagger.yaml is modified the JSON spec should be updated and copied into swagger-ui/dist/swagger-spec.js as the value for the swaggerSpec var. Currently this is a manual process.

To regenerate the JSON API spec due to YAML changes (required for docs UI to be accurate):

swagger-codegen generate -i swagger.yaml -o ./generated-json -l swagger

The generated JSON can be deleted after its been copied to swagger-spec.js.

Generating Server Stubs

You can contribute to the syscoin-api project by writing connectors for Syscoin in different languages. Swagger-codegen can greatly reduce the time it takes to write connectors in other languages by generating a server-api stub in the desired language. To generate the Server stub use the command below replacing LANGUAGE with one of the supported SwaggerJS server values.

swagger-codegen generate -i swagger.yaml -o ./server/generated-server -l LANGUAGE

We encourage anyone who does this to submit a pull request to have their server API added to the official repo. Package your server API using folder names mirroring the swagger language name, ie: 'nodejs-server'. Client API's can also be submitted using the same format.

Generating the Client SDK

To quickly start communicating with an instance of the Syscoin API server simply generate a client-side SDK in your preferred language. To generate the Client SDK use the command below replacing LANGUAGE with one of the supported SwaggerJS client values.

swagger-codegen generate -i swagger.yaml -o ./client/generated-client -l LANGUAGE


This project is fully open source and welcomes pull requests at all levels. Simply fork the repository, apply your changes to the fork and then issue a pull request. Once reviewed the pull request will be integrated into master and (if warranted) released as a new official Syscoin API version.


This project leverages the mega-awesome swagger-tools middleware which does most all the work.


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