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    An npm package intended to be installed for internal use, ie: dev machines, Bitbucket Pipelines container, and project dependencies.


    To be installed as a global package and used in command line operations as utility and helper functions in projects.

    See the bin/index.js file for the CLI flags/options available to run specific files in this project.

    Example Command Line Use:

    Run the src/awsConfigure.js file:

    repo-tools aws-config



    repo-tools aws-config

    This is a helper function that is used in our Docker image containers for Bitbucket Pipelines builds. It uses the environment variables passed to the build environment to set the Docker containers AWS credentials so that the build can interface and perform operations with our AWS services. It sets access key and secret for AWS in "~/.aws/credentials". It expects the environment variables to be set and available: AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID & AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY.


    repo-tools release

    A command line util that performs steps to cut a release branch from the current branch and push to origin. Provides CLI question interface prior to performing the operation.

    Changes & Publishing

    Any logic, utility functions, or operations that can be applied to more than a single project should reside in this package. An example would be a helper function that parses the git logs in a repo and generates a automatically. This would be a helper function that resides in this package to be shared and used by anyone on the team or in automation process environments ie: Bitbucket Pipelines. Another example of utility and helper functions that are in this package are logic needed across Docker containers, specifically our Pipelines images use some utility functions (awsConfigure.js).

    Any changes that affect this repositories use need to be documented in the under the correct scope.

    Git Commit Convention

    This project uses generate-changelog which parses the git log automatically and appends the release version changes to based on the git commit log. Because of this, our commits in this project repo need to follow a convention.


    Example: chore(package.json): update deps

    Where type is one of the following:

    • breaking
    • build
    • ci
    • chore
    • docs
    • feat
    • fix
    • other
    • perf
    • refactor
    • revert
    • style
    • test

    Publishing NPM Package

    When you're ready to publish a new package version and all your changes are committed run the command npm run release:publish

    NPM Organization: @syntropy (

    Who has publish access: Users that have been added to the organization account




    npm i @syntropy/repo-tools

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