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    Contracts Interface to Synthetix

    The official JavaScript library for interacting with Synthetix protocol contracts.

    This library can be used in 2 different environments:

    1. Common-js module for node environments
    2. UMD module for browser environments

    Instantiating in node.js or the browser

    // For node environments:
    const { synthetix } = require('@synthetixio/contracts-interface');
    // For single page applications:
    import { synthetix } from '@synthetixio/contracts-interface';
    // For browsers you can use a CDN of the minified files
    // E.g. <script src=""></script>
    // then you can access synthetix on the window object:
    const { synthetix } = window;
    // Instantiate the library with or without a provider
    const snxjs = synthetix({ network: 'mainnet' });
    // Note: for typescript applications
    import { synthetix, Network } from '@synthetixio/contracts-interface';
    const snxjs = synthetix({ network: Network.Mainnet });

    Reading state

    const snxjs = synthetix({ network: 'mainnet' });
    // If you want to interact with a contract, simply follow the convention:
    // await snxjs[contractName].methodName(arguments)
    const owner = await snxjs.contracts.Synthetix.owner();
    // many arguments require being formatted toBytes32, which we also provide with the library
    const { toBytes32 } = snx;
    const totalIssuedSynths = await snxjs.contracts.Synthetix.totalIssuedSynths(toBytes32('sUSD'));
    // We also expose ethers utils which provides handy methods for formatting responses to queries.
    const { formatEther } = snxjs.utils;
    formatEther(await snxjs.contracts.SynthsUSD.totalSupply());
    formatEther(await snxjs.contracts.ExchangeRates.rateForCurrency(snxjs.toBytes32('SNX')));
    // Note can optionally pass in a { blockTag: someBlockNumber } to get data from a specific block instead of {}
    const snxAtBlock12m = await snxjs.contracts.ExchangeRates.rateForCurrency(snxjs.toBytes32('SNX'), {
      blockTag: 12e6,

    Signing transactions

    // any old provider will do
    const provider = ethers.providers.getDefaultProvider('kovan');
    // create a signer with a provider attached
    const signer = new ethers.Wallet(
      // just a dummy kovan wallet with a little keth from the faucet
    // and then instantiate synthetix with the signer
    const snxjs = synthetix({ network: 'mainnet', signer });
    // mint 0.01 sETH via the NativeEtherWrapper
    const response = await{
      value: parseEther('0.01'),
      gasPrice: parseUnits('5', 'gwei'),
      gasLimit: 500e3,
    console.log('Submitted', response.hash);
    await response.wait();
    console.log('Mined', `${response.hash}`);

    See the examples folder for more usage details.




    npm i @synthetixio/contracts-interface

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