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    A WebdriverIO plugin. Additional commands for taking screenshots with WebdriverIO adapted for Syngrisi.

    Working properly with WebdriverIO > 5.0.0. Old repository: https://github.com/mjdch/wdio-screenshot-v5 ,

    Browser Support

    • Firefox

    • Chrome

    • Safari / Opera / etc - not tested


    Install syngrisi-wdio-screenshot via NPM as usual:

    $ npm install @syngrisi/syngrisi-wdio-screenshot --save-dev

    Instructions on how to install WebdriverIO can be found here.

    Note: If you want to improve performance, you can install GraphicsMagick.


    Setup wdio-screenshot by adding a @syngrisi/syngrisi-wdio-screenshot key to the service section of your WebdriverIO config. More information Custom Services

    const WdioScreenshot = require('@syngrisi/syngrisi-wdio-screenshot');
    // wdio.conf.js
    exports.config = {
      // ...
      services: [..., [WdioScreenshot]]
      // ...


    wdio-screenshot enhances an WebdriverIO instance with the following commands:

    • browser.saveViewportScreenshot([fileName], [{options}]);
    • browser.saveDocumentScreenshot([fileName], [{options}]);
    • browser.saveElementScreenshot([fileName], elementSelector, [{options}]);

    All of these provide options that will help you to exclude unrelevant parts (e.g. content). The following options are available:

    • hideScrollBar String hide scrollbar for saveViewportScreenshot

    • exclude String[]|Object[] (not yet implemented)
      exclude frequently changing parts of your screenshot, you can either pass all kinds of different WebdriverIO selector strategies that queries one or multiple elements or you can define x and y values which stretch a rectangle or polygon

    • hide String[]
      hides all elements queried by all kinds of different WebdriverIO selector strategies (via opacity: 0)

    • remove String[]
      removes all elements queried by all kinds of different WebdriverIO selector strategies (via display: none)

    Use GraphicsMagick

    wdio-screenshot uses GraphicsMagick for image processing when available. Without GraphicsMagick installed, wdio-screenshot fallbacks to Jimp - a image processing library written in JS.

    If you want to install GraphicsMagick, follow the instructions below.

    Mac OS X using Homebrew

    $ brew install graphicsmagick

    Ubuntu using apt-get

    $ sudo apt-get install graphicsmagick


    Download and install executables for GraphicsMagick. Please make sure you install the right binaries desired for your system (32bit vs 64bit).



    1 Scaling of iOS Simulator has to be 100% for properly recorded screenshots (see here)

    2 iOS scales the zoom level to fit the website into the viewport when the width of your page is bigger than the viewport. Capturing screenshots of such scaled websites with iOS is experimental and error-prone. If you notice any errors, adjust your viewport settings in your meta tag to disable scaling with <meta name="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=0">




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