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    The Kanban Board component is an efficient way to visualize workflow at each stage along its path to completion. The control supports necessary features to design task scheduling applications. The key features are swimlanes, customizable cards, binding from local and remote data sources, columns mapping, stacked headers, WIP validation, templating, responsiveness, filtering, and editing.

    This is a commercial product and requires a paid license for possession or use. Syncfusion’s licensed software, including this component, is subject to the terms and conditions of Syncfusion's EULA. To acquire a license, you can purchase one at here or start a free 30-day trial from here.

    A free community license is also available for companies and individuals whose organizations have less than $1 million USD in annual gross revenue and five or fewer developers.


    To install Kanban and its dependent packages, use the following command.

    npm install @syncfusion/ej2-vue-kanban


    Supported Frameworks

    The Kanban control is also available in following list of frameworks.

    1. Angular
    2. React
    3. Blazor
    4. ASP.NET Core
    5. ASP.NET MVC
    6. JavaScript (ES5)

    Key Features

    • Data binding - Seamless data binding with various local and remote data sources.
    • Swimlane: The horizontal categorization of cards in the kanban, which brings transparency to the workflow. The swimlane rows can be expanded and collapsed.
    • Key mapping: Map one or multiple keys to single columns.
    • Toggle Columns: The columns can be expanded and collapsed.
    • WIP Validation: Set a minimum and maximum number of cards in a column.
    • Dialog Editing: The dialog editing support is used to perform CRUD actions such as add new card, edit or delete existing cards.
    • Drag and Drop: Cards can be easily dragged and dropped from one column to another. You can also drag them from one swim lane to another.
    • Stacked headers: Additional column headers can be added in a stacked manner.
    • Tooltip: Display the card information with a default tooltip and templated tooltip.
    • Selection: Select a single or multiple cards.
    • Templates: The key elements such as cards, column headers, swimlanes and tooltip come with template support for embedding any kind of HTML element and CSS style.
    • Responsive rendering: Adapts with optimal user interfaces to mobile and desktop form-factors.
    • Localization: All the static text content can be localized to any desired language.
    • RTL: Display the control contents from right to left.
    • Built-in themes: Material, Fabric, Bootstrap 3 and 4, and high contrast themes can be used to present a better UI appearance.


    Product support is available through following mediums.


    Check the license detail here.


    Check the changelog here.

    © Copyright 2022 Syncfusion, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Syncfusion Essential Studio license and copyright applies to this distribution.


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