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Symbol Components Library

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Library to provide Javascript Components for Symbol.

This is a PoC to validate the proposed NIP 15 Transaction Taxonomy. When stable, the repository will be moved to the nemtech organization.

NOTE: The author of this package cannot be held responsible for any loss of money or any malintentioned usage forms of this package. Please use this package with caution.

Components Found Here

You can use any of the following custom elements when @symbolui/symbol-components is imported:

Component Description
<symbol-node-health-icon> Icon displaying peer health status
<symbol-transaction-icon> Icon displaying peer health status


Node modules

You can import the library into your Vue, React, Angular or vanilla Javascript projects with NPM as follows:

$ npm install symbol-components

Script tag

You can import the library directly into your HTML files with following <script> tag example:

<script src='https://unpkg.com/symbol-components@0.2.0/dist/symbol-components.js'></script>

Then you can use the custom elements anywhere in your template, Vue files, JSX, HTML, etc.

Getting help

Use the following available resources to get help:


This project is developed and maintained by NEM Foundation.

Contributions are welcome and appreciated. Check CONTRIBUTING for information on how to contribute.


Copyright 2020-present Grégory Saive for NEM

Licensed under the Apache License 2.0

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