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    Swan's Address Derivation Library

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    A small JavaScript library that derives bitcoin addresses from extended public keys. Built upon unchained-bitcoin and bitcoinjs-lib.

    The library supports derivation from xpubs, zpubs, and ypubs, as well as legacy, SegWit, and native SegWit (bech32) address formats. Both Bitcoin mainnet and testnet are supported. If no network is specified the library defaults to testnet.

    BIP Extended Public Key Address Type Address Format Address Name
    44 xpub... P2PKH 1... Legacy
    49 ypub... P2WPKH-P2SH 3... SegWit
    84 zpub... P2WPKH bc1... Bech32 (Native SegWit)

    Note that the different extended public key formats are interchangeable and not bound to address formats. Every address type can be generated from every extended public key. The use of output descriptors should make this less confusing in the future.

    The testnet equivalents are extended public keys starting with tpub, upub, and vpub.

    Example Usage

    Use addressFromExtPubKey to derive single addresses. The following example derives the first address of the first account from an xpub on mainnet.

    const key = "xpub6EuV33a2DXxAhoJTRTnr8qnysu81AA4YHpLY6o8NiGkEJ8KADJ35T64eJsStWsmRf1xXkEANVjXFXnaUKbRtFwuSPCLfDdZwYNZToh4LBCd"
    addressFromExtPubKey({ extPubKey: key, network: "mainnet" })
    // {
    //     path: "m/84'/0'/0'/0/0",
    //     address: 'bc1qdx0pd4h65d7mekkhk7n6jwzfwgqath7s0e368g'
    // }

    Use addressesFromExtPubKey to derive multiple addresses. The following example derives the first three addresses of the first account from a vpub extended public key on testnet.

    const key = "vpub5bExRiEBvAsD1CvDkkDbifbyXxq7Gv5YTbJ6Y1LbxFzUBvghhyhxCxkNGTXiX4TaqjivFGyFaQp9mDMLtCbrfUYEeWwp3ovxzvSB2XY87ph"
        extPubKey: key,
        addressCount: 3,
    // [
    //     {
    //         path: "m/84'/1'/0'/0/0",
    //         address: 'tb1qdx0pd4h65d7mekkhk7n6jwzfwgqath7s9l2fum'
    //     },
    //     {
    //         path: "m/84'/1'/0'/0/1",
    //         address: 'tb1q5tc3z8c4hs4x0p3vu88zk26anecge77g33ggk6'
    //     },
    //     {
    //         path: "m/84'/1'/0'/0/2",
    //         address: 'tb1q3qu2fng7zw36cvzyaqec5nptp6cmnep0lf3323'
    //     }
    // ]

    Address derivation will default to bech32 (native SegWit) unless a different purpose is specified. For example: to derive wrapped SegWit addresses (starting with 3...) specify the appropriate purpose with purpose: Purpose.P2SH.

    For more examples refer to the tests of this library.

    Relevant BIPs and Educational Resources

    • BIP 32 - Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets
    • BIP 44 - Multi-Account Hierarchy for Deterministic Wallets
    • BIP 49 - Derivation scheme for P2WPKH-nested-in-P2SH based accounts
    • BIP 84 - Derivation scheme for P2WPKH based accounts

    Samourai Wallet wrote a short summary on the differences between BIP 44, BIP 49, BIP 84 and XPUB's, YPUB's, ZPUB's. For a detailed explanation on derivation paths refer to learn me a bitcoin.

    License: MIT


    npm i @swan-bitcoin/xpub-lib

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