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Surix Core Client


const { Client } = require('@surix/client');

// OR

import { Client } from '@surix/client';

Or on the browser:

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@surix/client@[version]/dist/client.min.js"></script>
<!-- Replace version with an actual version number -->

Create Client instance:

const client = new Client({ 
  keyId: 'key id provided by surix',
  keySecret: 'key secret provided by surix'

Or on the browser:

const client = new Surix.Client({
  keyId: 'key id provided by surix',
  keySecret: 'key secret provided by surix'

Note: keyId and keySecret are provided in the surix dashboard, under account settings.

Select project to work with:

const project = client.project('projectId');


project.entities.create(entity: Entity)

Creates a given entity

const entity = {
  data: {
    name: 'My Awesome Name'
  tags: []

const savedEntity = await project.entities.create(entity)


Note: Before the entity is created, it is expanded (using expandEntity function in @surix/data-helpers) to a raw entity that includes the types information using the type of the values provided in the data field. The entity above would be converted to:

  data: {
    name: {
      type: 'text',
      value: 'My Awesome Name'
  tags: []

Dates are expanded as text for now and will correctly be expanded to datetime in future versions of @surix/data-helpers. Arrays are not supported for now.

project.entities.update(entity: Entity)

Updates an entity partially. I.e adds onto the already existing entity identified by the _id field.

const entity = {
  _id: 'someid',
  data: {
    phone: '0712345678'
  tags: ['tag']

const updatedEntity = await project.entities.update(entity);

Dates created with the Date() function are expanded as text. and those created with new Date() are correctly expanded to datetime.

project.entities.put(entity: Entity)

Updates an entity by completely replacing its data.

const entity = {
  _id: 'someid', // The id of the entity to be updated
  data: {
    name: 'My name'

const changedEntity = await project.entities.put(entity);

project.entities.get(id: string)

Fetches an entity by ID.

const entity = await project.entities.get('entityId');

project.entities.query(query?: object)

Query entities in the project.

const entities = await project.entities.query({
  limit: 10,
  tags: ['posts'],
  query: {
    read: false

entities.forEach((entity) => {

The query object is optional:

const entities = await project.entities.query();

entities.forEach((entity) => {

project.entities.delete(id: string)

Deletes an entity entirely.

const entityId = 'someid';
const deletedEntity = await project.entities.delete(entityId);

console.log(deletedEntity.get('name') + ' was deleted');

project.entities.deleteMany(ids: EntityIds)

Deletes a bunch of entities identified by the provided ids.

const entitiesIds = ['someid1', 'someid2'];

const response = await project.entities.deleteMany(entitiesIds);
console.log(response.deleted); // Number of deleted entities

project.entities.addTags(entityId: string, tags: string | string[])

Adds tags to an entity identified by the entityId provided

const entityId = 'someid';
const entity = await project.entities.addTags(entityId, 'new-tag'); // A single tag

const entity = await project.entities.addTags(entityId, ['new-tag', 'another-tag']); // Multiple tags

// Returns the updated entity

project.entities.removeTags(entityId: string, tags: string | string[])

Removes tags from the entity identified by the entityId provided

const entityId = 'someid';
const entity = await project.entities.removeTags(entityId, 'new-tag'); // A single tag

const entity = await project.entities.removeTags(entityId, ['new-tag', 'another-tag']); // Multiple tags

// Returns the updated entity


project.files.get(id: string)

Fetches a file by ID.

const file = await project.files.get('fileId');


Fetches all files in the project.

const files = await project.files.list();
files.forEach((file) => console.log(file.downloadUrl));



Fetches all tags in project.

const tags = await project.tags.list();
tags.forEach((tag) => console.log(tag.name));

project.tags.rename(oldName: string, newName: string)

Renames a tag from oldName to newName

const tag = await project.tags.rename('oldName', 'newName');
console.log(tag.name) // Should be newName

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