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    🌊 Surfboard

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    Surfboard is a modular dashboard project, based on modern web development tools (JavaScript, React, Rx). The aim is to create a tool that adapts to the need of its users and not the other way around, by providing just the needed functional bricks to build your dashboard but leave all flexibility to the user.


    This component is the core server, responsible for gathering data needed by dashboards and dispatching them to the connected clients. You configure it by giving data sources (in the form of RxJS observables) and it provides a websocket aggregating and dispatching all data as it is updated by the sources.


    This project is still in initial development and is not completely ready yet for prime time. You can toy with it, but be aware that big changes can arise at any moment while this project hasn't reached the 1.0 release. Also, documentation and inter-packages dependencies may be a bit wonky during this time.

    How to

    You can see the surfboard-example repository for an example of a surfboard dashboard.

    First, add surfboard to your project:

    npm i --save @surfboard/core

    Then, create a surfboard.server.js file configuring your sources:

    const { interval } = require('rxjs')
    const sources = {
        tick: interval(1000)
        // ...
    module.exports = { sources }

    And simply run the server to have a socket to listen to with the surfboard command. It will create a server on port 1337 on which you can connect a websocket client.




    npm i @surfboard/core

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