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    SuperAwesome Permissions

    • NPM package: @superawesome/permissions

    • Github: https://github.com/SuperAwesomeLTD/permissions


    In lieu of a proper landing page, SuperAwesome Permissions features:

    • 🛅 Controlled Access to Resources

    • 💅 Fine Grained Resource Attributes picking

    • 🛃 Dynamic Ownership Rules, hooked to your data layer

    • 🎭 Trivial conversion of Business Rules for Access Control to executing permissions (and vise versa).

    • :atom: Straight-forward fusion of Role-Based Access Control, Attribute-Based Access Control and Whatever-You-Make-it Access control

    • 🔭 Unlimited Scalability (lazy & eager ownership evaluation)

    • 🔧 Easy Integration with everything (REST, Graphql, SQL, NoSQL, APIs, Frontend, Games, anything)

    • 🐚 Zero dependencies with servers, services & other moving parts

    • 📐 Orthogonal / Aspect Oriented philosophy

    • 🎫 Permit is all you need to allow a user do an action on a resource

    (^^ github needed to show icons ^^)


    The actual generated docs are at npm run docs:serve and coming soon at SuperAwesome Permissions Documentation. Go to the left, at the CompoDocs Nav Bar.

    NOTE: THESE LINKS BREAK ON GITHUB! (^^^ read above ^^^)

    Note: We also have native Nestjs Guard & Decorators empowering an Orthogonal / Aspect Oriented Architecture.


    The project follows semantic versioning which effectively means a new major version x.0.0 is released for breaking changes, minor 0.x.0 for new features and patch 0.0.x for fixes.

    How to develop


    • Simply do an npm run test:watch to develop and test at each change.

    • With npm run build:ts you get a build of the library at /dist.

    • With npm run build you get a full build of library & docs at /dist.


    End user docs reside at src/docs & *.md.spec files:

    • With npm run docs:build it builds docs at dist/docs once.

    • With npm run docs:serve it serves docs at in non-watch mode.

    • With npm run docs:watch it serves docs at in watch & serve mode.

    Docs generation

    All *.md.spec.ts files generate equivalent src/docs/generated/*.generated.md

    Note: On watch mode it's sometimes slow to build & serve, especially initially. Just change & save the *.md.spec.ts file to trigger generation & also refresh browser if its not refreshing automatically.


    npm i @superawesome/permissions

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