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    Sumo Logic OpenTelemetry auto-instrumentation for JavaScript

    The Sumo Logic OpenTelemetry auto-instrumentation for JavaScript library enables tracing in the browser.

    Note: This feature is in Beta. To participate contact your Sumo account executive or email us at


    The easiest way to start collecting traces from your website is to put the code below inside the <head></head> tags on your website:


    Contact SumoLogic and ask for the script_src valid for your account.

    See functionalities for informations about the script size and configuration for all supported options.

    There are no other required actions needed to take. With properly provided data-collection-source-url and data-service-name your website is ready and will send collected traces to the specified Sumo Logic collector.

    You can load the script asynchronously by adding the async flag but some functionalities like user interactions or requests made before script run will be limited.

    Manual installation

    The other option is to bundle this library inside your project and initialize it.

    Inside your project directory execute npm install @sumologic/opentelemetry-tracing.

    Tracing needs to be initialized preferably before other functionalities in your code:

    import { initializeTracing } from '@sumologic/opentelemetry-tracing';
      collectionSourceUrl: 'sumo_logic_traces_collector_source_url',
      serviceName: 'name_of_your_web_service',


    This library contains built-in OpenTelemetry packages:

    See @opentelemetry/instrumentation-xml-http-request, @opentelemetry/instrumentation-document-load and @opentelemetry/instrumentation-user-interaction for more details about auto-instrumented functionalities.

    To connect your traces with backend operations, make sure you support W3C Trace Context HTTP headers.


    Both script tag and manual installation can be configured with following parameters:

    Parameter data- Attribute Type Default Description
    collectionSourceUrl data-collection-source-url string required Sumo Logic collector source url
    authorizationToken data-authorization-token string Sumo Logic collector authorization token
    serviceName data-service-name string "unknown" Name of your web service
    applicationName data-application-name string Name of your application
    defaultAttributes data-default-attributes object {} Attributes added to each span
    samplingProbability data-sampling-probability number 1 1 means all traces are sent, 0 - no traces are send, 0.5 - there is 50% change for a trace to be sent
    bufferMaxSpans data-buffer-max-spans number 100 Maximum number of spans waiting to be send
    bufferTimeout data-buffer-timeout number 2000ms Maximum time in milliseconds for spans waiting to be send
    ignoreUrls data-ignore-urls (string|RegExp)[] [] List of URLs from which traces will not be collected
    propagateTraceHeaderCorsUrls data-propagate-trace-header-cors-urls (string|RegExp)[] [/.*/] List of URLs where W3C Trace Context HTTP headers will be injected

    Manual instrumentation

    When initialized by the <script /> tag, window attribute opentelemetry is exposed. It gives possibility to create spans manually. Global opentelemetry objects contains:


    const span = opentelemetry.tracer.startSpan('fetchUserData', {
      attributes: { organization: 'client-a' },
    opentelemetry.api.context.with(api.setSpan(, span), () => {
      // long running operation

    Disable instrumentation

    Instrumentation can be disabled and enabled again in runtime using registerInstrumentations() and disableInstrumentations() methods.

    // some code with instrumentations disabled


    This project is released under the Apache 2.0 License.


    Please refer to our Contributing documentation to get started.

    Code Of Conduct

    Please refer to our Code of Conduct.


    npm i @sumologic/opentelemetry-tracing

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