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This repository is no longer used for active development. Please make future PRs in the new js-sdk-turbo repository. We will continue to fix bugs and security vulnerabilities in this repository until this version of the SDK has been sunsetted.

Stytch Javascript SDK


The Stytch SDK uses Node v16>=. We recommend using nvm to manage your local node versions. We currently use NPM v8.

nvm install 16


Stytch's javascript SDK uses Typescript.

npm install

We also make use of commit ignoring for large code style changes. If you use git blame locally, run the following:

git config --local blame.ignoreRevsFile .git-blame-ignore-revs

Layout and Packaging

The SDK is composed of several moving pieces. Our top-level export is window.Stytch, an ES module that allows for easy construction of the login screen. The login screen itself is a web component - a reusable and framework-agnostic piece of HTML, CSS, and JS that can be embedded anywhere.

In the future, we will support numerous web components - one for each type of UI element that can be dropped in to place.

Inside the web component is a React application which handles rendering of DOM elements, interacting with user input, etc. The React runtime is bundled with the component, so we can be dropped directly in to places that do not use React, or alongside different versions of React. We can run anywhere JS can run.

All of our backend APIs are protected with CORS. In order to access them, we proxy calls through an iframe. Today, the SDK doesn't touch much sensitive data, but that will change in the near future. We want to start storing Stytch cookies inside the iframe, and isolate them from the parent document. The iframe might, for example, not let a request be made for a specific projectId unless it is embedded on the expected parent page.

Code structure:

├─ stytch/
   ├─ src - Top-level window.Stytch
   ├─ iframe - Content for the iframe
   ├─ loginScreen - Content for the login screen react component

Development & Contributing

The SDK is an embeddable UI toolkit that wraps the Stytch APIs. It is composed of several parts:

  • Stytch.js, an ES Module that becomes availale as window.Stytch inside customer applications
  • Fabric.js, the Iframe'd UI that Stytch.js loads dynamically
  • web-backend - the SDK's Backend for Frontend server

This repository contains Stytch.js, Fabric.js, and multiple "runtimes" that they can be embedded in.

  • Storybook - a demo site that allows customers to explore the SDK confiugration options
  • ./demo_app - A lightweight demo app for SDK contributors to use to exercise the SDK's functionality

Because the SDK depends on so many moving parts, it is highly recommended to use Remote Dev for all development needs.

The remote development script should automatically pick up your namespace.

okteto up
npm start

Run local webpack dev server

Before starting the local dev server, you need to pick a Stytch environment to point it at. Be aware that due to CORS headers, sending emails will not work properly when connected to remote environments - you will have to run an instance of Web Backend and an instance of API locally to achieve full functionality. Using Remote Dev is recommended instead.

npm run start-server
open http://localhost:8083


npm test


npm run lint # to check style
npm run lint-fix # to modify in place


  1. Copy latest commit SHA from main:
  2. Go to the Deploy Github action:
  3. Click the Run workflow dropdown and enter the commit SHA and environment (prod or stage). Click the Run workflow confirmation button.

@stytch/stytch-js and Client Libraries

Our public type definitions live inside the stytch-js repository. Any changes to our public definitions require us to release a new version of stytch-js and all libraries that depend on it.

Client libraries:

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npm i @stytch/stytch-js

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