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    Styled System for the css prop

    npm i @styled-system/css

    Styled System CSS lets you write style objects with responsive, theme-aware Styled System shortcuts.

    // usage with the css prop
    import React from 'react'
    import css from '@styled-system/css'
    const Beep = props =>
          fontSize: [4, 5, 6],
          color: 'primary',
    // usage with a styled HOC
    import styled from '@emotion/styled'
    import css from '@styled-system/css'
    const Boop = styled('div')(
        fontSize: [ 4, 5, 6 ],
        color: 'primary',
        bg: 'gray',
        '&:hover': {
          color: 'secondary',

    To make the css prop work with styled-components, babel-plugin-styled-components must be enabled.

    Theme Keys

    The following keys in your style object will work the same as Styled System props, pulling values from your theme object.

    Property Theme Key
    fontFamily fonts
    fontSize fontSizes
    fontWeight fontWeights
    lineHeight lineHeights
    letterSpacing letterSpacings
    color colors
    backgroundColor, bg colors
    margin, m space
    marginTop, mt space
    marginRight, mr space
    marginBottom, mb space
    marginLeft, ml space
    marginX, mx space
    marginY, my space
    padding, p space
    paddingTop, pt space
    paddingRight, pr space
    paddingBottom, pb space
    paddingLeft, pl space
    paddingX, px space
    paddingY, py space
    top space
    bottom space
    left space
    right space
    border borders
    borderTop borders
    borderRight borders
    borderBottom borders
    borderLeft borders
    borderColor colors
    borderWidth borderWidths
    borderStyle borderStyles
    borderRadius radii
    boxShadow shadows
    textShadow shadows
    zIndex zIndices
    width sizes
    minWidth sizes
    maxWidth sizes
    height sizes
    minHeight sizes
    maxHeight sizes
    size sizes

    Responsive Arrays

    All CSS properties accept arrays as values for responsive styles.

        fontSize: [ 4, 5, 6 ],

    In this example, fontSize accepts an array, picking up values from the theme.fontSizes scale, and borderBottom is passed through as plain CSS.

        // Styled System key
        fontSize: [ 3, 4, 5 ],
        // CSS property
        borderBottom: '2px solid tomato',

    MIT License


    npm i @styled-system/css

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