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    A web concept for a zero click user experience.



    This plugin is a web concept for a zero click user experience, meaning that the user doesn't need to click any links to properly navigate between your website's pages.

    Even if this package may seems funny at first, it has many advantages:

    • discover the no click navigation: just hover the link and go!
    • improve accessibility for users that could have difficulties to click
    • use Promise: wait for something before leaving the page
    • create captivating interactive animations
    • works great with @barbajs
    • compatible with touch screens
    • perfect for a cool portfolio!


    Here you will find the documentation describing how to use the plugin.

    1. How it works - how the plugin do the stuff
    2. Install - how to install and use the plugin
    3. Properties - available properties
    4. Methods - available methods
    5. Events - available events, callbacks and data attributes


    As the plugin create an "untrusted" MouseEvent in order to simulate a user "click", some browsers may interpret target="_blank" links as intrusive pop-up. Be sure to ignore/ban those kind of links from your site.


    If you want to report a bug or request a new feature/improvement, please read the project contributors guidelines before. Thanks for taking time to contribute.


    The project is developed under the MIT license:

    • Permissions: This software and derivatives may be used for commercial purposes, you may distribute this software, this software may be modified and you may use and modify the software without distributing it.
    • Conditions: Include a copy of the license and copyright notice with the code.
    • Limitations: Software is provided without warranty and the software author/license owner cannot be held liable for damages.

    Read the full license for more information about your rights.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!
    hello [at]


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