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    Studio Hyperdrive HAL Toolset


    WARNING: This package has been renamed to @studiohyperdrive/nodejs-hal-tools.

    This repo contains a set of tools for working with HAL standards.

    It is build with:

    • node: v12.20.0 ( ~ lts/erbium)
    • npm: 6.14.8

    For a complete list of packages and version check out the package.json file.



    You can install this package by doing:

    $ npm install @studiohyperdrive/hal-tools

    or if you use Yarn:

    $ yarn add @studiohyperdrive/hal-tools

    In your code

    In your code, you can use this package and it's interfaces like this:

    import { HALFormat } from '@studiohyperdrive/hal-tools';
    class DoSomething {
      public async findAll(page: number, size: number): Promise<IHALFormat<MyEntity>> {
        const [entities, totalElements] = await this.MyEntitiyRepository.findAndCount(
          calculateTakeSkip(page, size),
        const key = 'my-entities';
        const path = `https://my-api.com/v1/api/${key}`;
        return HALFormat<MyEntity>({

    This will transform your entities and count to a HAL formatted response which you can return to the client.

    What's in the package?

    This package exposes the following functions:

    • calculateTotalPages: This function will calculate the total amount of pages based on the pagesize & total amount of items.
    • calculatePagination: This function will calculate and return all pagination properties.
    • calculateNextPage: This function will calculate your next page or, when there is none, return your current page.
    • createHalLinks: This function will create a set of links required by the HAL Format.
    • HALFormat: This function is the main one which will use the above and your input to transform your input to a HAL-formatted object.

    And the following interfaces:

    • IHALLink: An interface for a single HAL link.
    • IHALLinks: An interface for the _links property.
    • IHALEntities: An interface for the _embedded property, takes in an optional T.
    • IHALPagination: An interface for the _page property.
    • IHALFormat: An interface for the HAL formatted object containing the above properties.
    • IHALFormatParams: An interface for the arguments of the HALFormat function.

    Setup for contribution

    Clone and install dependencies

    To setup this project, clone the repo and run npm i to install the dependencies.


    The available commands for building the project are:

    command runs
    build This script runs tsc to compile and your code (target to the dist folder).
    prepare This script runs the npm run build command, it is a hook on the npm publish.

    The available commands for testing the project are:

    command runs
    lint This script will run linting and fix what it can.
    test This script will run your Jest tests for the library and create a coverage report.
    test This script will run your Jest tests but with the --watchAll flag. It does not create a coverage report.


    This project can be published to the npm registry. To do so follow these steps:

    1. Run npm version <major | minor | patch> to create a new version and commit + tag it.
    2. Open a Merge Request on Github.
    3. Once your changes have been commited to the main-branch, you can publish to the repo.
    4. Run npm publish.


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