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    Stryber React UI Components (Matterhorn)


    UI library for React

    How to Run in Storybook mode (for demo and development purposes)

    1. Run following commands in the terminal:
    docker-compose up --build dev
    1. Browse to http://localhost:9001/

    Using the library within other projects

    You can install whole library by running this command inside your project:

    npm i --save @stryberventures/stryber-react-ui-components
    # or
    yarn add @stryberventures/stryber-react-ui-components

    Bit: use each component as separate library

    Setup Bit in your project

    To use components from our repo you have to create .npmrc file in your project's root directory, and place the following code inside:


    Bit CLI setup

    To install Bit CLI use:

    npm install bit-bin -g

    (if you got error on Mac try: sudo npm install bit-bin -g)

    Add new component to Bit repo

    To add new component to our bit repo run in terminal(after you've created it):

    bit add src/components/CompoentFolderName --exclude 'src/components/{PARENT}/*.stories.tsx'


    • src/components/CompoentFolderName – path to your component.

      Here CompoentFolderName is the name of the folder where you store your component

    • --exclude 'src/components/{PARENT}/*.stories.tsx' – way to exclude files from tracking.

      Here {PARENT} is variable and in our case it will be automatically recognized as CompoentFolderName.

      *.stories.tsx will select all file names that end in .stories.tsx

    Update existing component

    To update existing component workflow stays the same as it was. All changes will be automatically applied to component in bit repo after your changes will be merged to dev branch(you can check whole process in github action bit-export.yml).

    Build Bit component(optional)

    You can build Bit component locally by running:

    bit build

    You will find your component in /dist folder

    How to build the library for production

    npm i
    npm run build

    How to publish the library to NPM

    npm publish --access public


    To run tests:

    docker-compose up --build test




    npm i @stryberventures/stryber-react-ui-components

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