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STRV's ESLint config for Node.js projects

These configuration files are suitable to lint code which will run on Node.js.



Suitable for projects running on Node.js v10.


Suitable for projects running on Node.js v12.


Suitable for projects running on Node.js v14.


Suitable for projects running on Node.js v16.

Optional configurations


Use this ruleset in conjunction with any of the above version-specific rulesets. Provides additional insights into potential inconsistencies in the project.

For new projects, it is recommended to enable this ruleset. For existing projects, it is only recommended for the brave.

Coding styles


This ruleset includes rules which deal with how the code looks like and not how it works. It helps keeping the code clean and consistent. 🎨

Recommended ESLint config

// .eslintrc.js

'use strict'

module.exports = {
  extends: [
    '@strv/node/<v10 or v12 or v14 or v16>',
.eslintrc or .eslintrc.json
  "extends": [
    "@strv/node/<v10 or v12 or v14 or v16>",
  "eslintConfig": {
    "extends": [
      "@strv/node/<v10 or v12 or v14 or v16>",

It is also recommended that you lint the whole project folder (ie. npx eslint .) instead of just some folders (ie. npx eslint src test) and create an .eslintignore file excluding any unwanted lint folders. Doing so will allow new directories to be created without worrying about having to update your tools to lint the new directory.

# .eslintignore


# The following directives are only relevant when linting the whole
# project directory, ie. running `eslint .` ⚠️

# If you compile JavaScript into some output folder, exclude it here

# Highly recommended to re-include JavaScript dotfiles to lint them
# (This will cause .eslintrc.js to be linted by ESLint 🤘)

# Some tools use this pattern for their configuration files. Lint them!


See the LICENSE file for information.


npm i @strv/eslint-config-node

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