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    Please migrate to https://github.com/strvcom/code-quality-tools which offers more granular control over ESLint configuration.


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    This repository contains various configuration files for the awesome JavaScript linter, ESLint. The configuration files are purposefully separated into various categories to allow their composition according to developers' preferences or requirements. It should also make adoption of ESLint across existing codebases easier.



    This package can be installed via npm (make sure you also install the latest version of ESLint):

    npm install --save-dev eslint@latest @strv/eslint-config-javascript@latest


    Once the ruleset is installed, you must create your own .eslintrc.{js,json,yml} configuration file in your project's root (or in some of the subfolders, if you want to apply different rules to different parts of your code) and include those rulesets that you want to use. See the tutorial directory for, well... tutorial.

    Integrating ESLint with your IDE/editor

    See the editor-integrations document for tips.

    Example configuration files

    See the tutorial directory for lots of example config files.

    Available rulesets

    For Node.js

    • @strv/javascript/environments/nodejs/v10
    • @strv/javascript/environments/nodejs/v8-3
    • @strv/javascript/environments/nodejs/v8
    • @strv/javascript/environments/nodejs/v6
    • @strv/javascript/environments/nodejs/optional

    For React

    • @strv/javascript/environments/react/v16
    • @strv/javascript/environments/react/v15
    • @strv/javascript/environments/react/optional
    • @strv/javascript/environments/react/accessibility

      This one contains rules specific to web accessibility best practices.

    For Flow

    • @strv/javascript/environments/flow/recommended

    For TypeScript

    Requires configuration. See the docs for more info.

    • @strv/javascript/environments/typescript/recommended

    For Mocha

    • @strv/javascript/environments/mocha/recommended

    Coding styles

    These rulesets include rules which deal with how the code looks like and not how it works. They help keep the code clean and consistent.

    • @strv/javascript/coding-styles/recommended

    • @strv/javascript/coding-styles/fixable

      This is a subset of the recommended coding style ruleset and includes only rules which ESLint can fix automatically. This is great for gradual adoption of coding style rulesets into existing projects.

    • @strv/javascript/coding-styles/flow

      This one contains coding style rules for code using Flow


    This software is licensed under the BSD-3-Clause License. See the LICENSE file for more information.


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