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IconPark Icons

Vue Icons for IconPark



  • Provide more than 2000 icons
  • Provide 4 themes:
    • outline
    • filled
    • two-tone
    • multi-color


Please visit IconPark Website

  • Copy SVG
  • Copy React Icon component
  • Copy Vue Icon component
  • Download PNG
  • Download SVG

Getting Started


npm install @icon-park/vue --save

Include Component

Import an icon from @icon-park/vueat the top of a component and then use it in the template tag:

<home theme="filled"/>
import {Home} from '@icon-park/vue';

export default {
    components: {

If you don't want to refer to it, you can install icons globally.

import {install} from '@icon-park/vue/es/all';
import Vue from 'vue';

// Install
install(Vue); // use default prefix 'icon', eg: icon is People, name is icon-people.
install(Vue, 'i'); // use custom prefix 'i', eg: icon is People, name is i-people.

Style Sheet

Import the icon style:

import '@icon-park/vue/styles/index.css';

Global Config

You can use the 'provide' property provided by Vue to set the global configuration.

<script lang="ts">
import {DEFAULT_ICON_CONFIGS} from '@icon-park/vue'
import {Home} from '@icon-park/vue';

const IconConfig = {...DEFAULT_ICON_CONFIGS, prefix: 'icon'}

export default {
    name: 'App',
    provide () {
        return {
            ICON_CONFIGS: IconConfig
    components: {

Import on Demand

You can use babel-plugin-import to import icons on demand.

Set config like this:

    "plugins": [
                "libraryName": "@icon-park/vue",
                "libraryDirectory": "es/icons",
                "camel2DashComponentName": false 

Icon Component

We recommend loading icons on demand, because this can greatly reduce the volume of compiled code。 However, in some scenarios similar to remote loading menus, direct reference to all icons can reduce the development cost.


<icon-park type="AddText" theme="filled"/>
<icon-park type="add-text" theme="filled"/>
import {IconPark} from '@icon-park/vue/es/all';

export default {
    components: {

Embed IconPark in your project

If you need to use additional information such as icon name, author, category, label and creation time, you can use the icons.json file located in the root directory of each NPM.


prop description type default note
theme Theme of the icons. 'outline' | 'filled' | 'two-tone' | 'multi-color' 'outline'
size The width/height of the icon number | string '1em'
spin Rotate icon with animation boolean false
fill Colors of theme string | string[] 'currentColor'
strokeLinecap the stroke-linecap prop of svg element 'butt' | 'round' | 'square' 'round'
strokeLinejoin the stroke-linejoin prop of svg element 'miter' | 'round' | 'bevel' 'round'
strokeWidth the stroke-width prop of svg element number 4

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