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Icons moved into main Streetmix repository.


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Icons for Streetmix segments. The svg folder contains source files in SVG.

Working with icons

SVGs are individually made as 48x48. Guidelines:

  • Do not use strokes, only fills
  • Outline all text
  • Use black as fill color unless the icon should default to another color for whatever reason. If an icon might exist in Streetmix as different colored versions (see the asphalt icon for example) we can use the css fill property to re-use a single icon with different colors.
  • Clip paths break in Internet Explorer. This is a known bug with no apparent fix in sight. To work around this, crop and subtract paths instead of clipping them.

All the current SVGs are exported from Affinity Designer. They have a very easy to use exporter that doesn't insert a lot of the extra meta-gunk that Illustrator does.

When exporting from Affinity Designer:

  • Use the SVG (for web) preset, which flattens transforms for even cleaner output
  • Use the Whole document area (turning off other layers), which preserves the square viewbox

More info on SVG icons:

Generating the final output

Install dependencies:

npm install

Create icons.svg

npm start

Send changes back upstream

git add --all
git commit --message 'feat: I updated an icon'
git push origin

When Streetmix is redeployed, it will retrieve the latest version of the icons from GitHub and incorporate it as a Node.js module. Icons must be build in the final icons.svg output for it to be used. Streetmix does not use the raw, source SVG files.




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