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🚧 This is a fork of a fork!

This fork compiles on Electron 13

Build instructions

git clone --recursive https://github.com/ptesavol/uws-js-unofficial.git
cd uws-js-unofficial
npm install
./node_modules/.bin/electron-rebuild -v 13

The compiled binay can now be found in build/Release

Streamr: making a release

cp build/Release/*.node binaries/
npm publish --access public

Readme of the original fork

This is a fork of the original uWebSockets.js by @alexhultman. This fork adds unofficial support for Electron builds (Electron version 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12) by changing the build pipeline to use node-gyp instead of a custom C++ build script which allows us to use electron-rebuild. This repo is mainly for internal use to support Truffle Suite's Ganache UI Electron application.

NOTE: These binaries do not support SSL or Compression. They were not necessary for our uses, and we had issues getting those to compile with the Electron headers.

🤝 Permissively licensed by uNetworking AB

Intellectual property and all rights reserved by uNetworking. The license in this repository is the one kept from the original repository.

Where such explicit notice is given, source code is licensed Apache License 2.0 which is a permissive OSI-approved license with very few limitations. Modified "forks" should be of nothing but licensed source code, and be made available under another product name. If you're uncertain about any of this, please ask before assuming.




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