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    A wrapper for node and browser support

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    Wraps, process.hrtime and to provide a consistent interface for performance timing. This module is based off work here but is not written in coffeescript.


    $ npm install --save @streammedev/perfnow


    var now = require('@streammedev/perfnow');
    var start = now();
    setTimeout(function () {
        console.log('This operation took ' + (now() - start) + 'ms');
    }, 1000);


    This package follows semver, when you wish to publish a version run the proper npm command. For example, if we made a bug fix you can do this:

    $ npm version patch
    $ git push
    $ npm publish

    Here are the other types of version bumps:

    • Major (npm version major): This is for breaking changes. Anytime a method is changed or the functionality is modified this bump should be made.
    • Minor (npm version minor): This is for features additions. When a new method is added which doesn't affect the behavior of existing features, this bump should be made.
    • Patch (npm version patch): This is for bug fixes. Only bump this if it is safe for production code to update wihout being QA'd. (AKA, almost never)

    For each of these you can run a 'pre' version by prepending to the command, ex npm version preminor.

    All feature development should be done on a branch off master. When a feature is complete and the pull request approved, publish a 'pre' version of the package for testing across environments. To install that 'pre' version of the package do the following, where the verison number contains the correct 'pre' version:

    $ npm install --save @streammedev/perfnow@1.0.0-0

    Running the tests:

    $ npm install && npm test


    npm i @streammedev/perfnow

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