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EGEO-CLI is the open-source util used to automatize some common task that we do when develop for stratio and egeo. The goals are to reduce the time and complexity of test, develop and work being more productive.

In this repository, you'll find a initial version of this cli now in develop. You can discover more in:

  • egeo: The egeo library of components.
  • egeo-web: The official website of Egeo where documentation will be available soon.
  • egeo-ui-base: A Sass library that helps us to build our styles, including a rewritten Sass version of flexboxgrid.
  • egeo-theme: The egeo components are thematizable. This is the official theme used in the Stratio's applications.
  • egeo-starter: A Boilerplate project prepared for work with Egeo 1.x, Angular 2.x, TypeScript, Webpack, Karma, Jasmine and Sass.

Table of contents

About this Repo

This repo includes the components, services, and utilities built in Angular. The library is compiled with AoT for distribution and each component is provided as a module that can be imported separately in your project.

We are also using HMR and DLL to dramatically speed your builds.

  • Documentation website (soon)

Getting Started


What you need to run this app:

  • node and npm
  • Ensure you're running the latest versions Node v6.x.x and NPM 4.x.x+


You can install Egeo-cli from npm:

npm i -g @stratio/egeo-cli

Work with egeo cli

For now the only option implemented is for launch a demo in some folder

egeo-cli [relative path to code]


There are many ways to contribute to the Egeo-cli project. Check our contribution section in the Wiki to learn more.


Egeo-cli is distributed under the Apache 2 license. You may obtain a copy of the license here at: