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Storybook CLI

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Storybook CLI (Command Line Interface) is the easiest way to add Storybook to your project.

In the future it will also add other useful generators and migration tooling.


First install the storybook CLI globally.

npm i -g @storybook/cli

Then go to your project run:


That's all you've to do.

Yarn support

It also supports yarn. If you have installed yarn in your system, it'll detect it and use yarn instead of npm.

If you don't want to use yarn always you can use the --use-npm option like this:

getstorybook --use-npm

Flow support

It also supports flow files. By default, jscodeshift, the tool used to transform the source files, uses babel to read the files. To be able to transform any flow annotated file, you need to use the flow parser.

getstorybook --parser flow

For more information visit: