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  • Custom Rulesets: Create custom rules to lint JSON or YAML objects
  • Ready-to-use Rulesets: Validate and lint OpenAPI v2 & v3 and AsyncAPI Documents
  • JSON Path Support: Use JSON path to apply rules to specific parts of your objects
  • Ready-to-use Functions: Built-in set of functions to help create custom rules. Functions include pattern checks, parameter checks, alphabetical ordering, a specified number of characters, provided keys are present in an object, etc.
  • Custom Functions: Create custom functions for advanced use cases
  • JSON Validation: Validate JSON with Ajv

Spectral linting an OpenAPI document from the CLI with results being output


🧰 Installation and Usage


npm install -g @stoplight/spectral-cli

# OR

yarn global add @stoplight/spectral-cli

Find more installation methods in our documentation.


spectral lint petstore.yaml

📖 Documentation and Community

ℹ️ Support

If you need help using Spectral or have a support question, please use GitHub Discussions. It's also a great place to share your rulesets, or tools that leverage Spectral.

If you have a bug or feature request, please create an issue.

❓ FAQs

How is this different to Ajv

Ajv is a JSON Schema validator, and Spectral is a JSON/YAML linter. Instead of just validating against JSON Schema, it can be used to write rules for any sort of JSON/YAML object, which could be JSON Schema, or OpenAPI, or anything similar. Spectral does expose a schema function that you can use in your rules to validate all or part of the target object with JSON Schema (we even use Ajv used under the hood for this), but that's just one of many functions.

I want to lint my OpenAPI documents but don't want to implement Spectral right now.

No problem! A hosted version of Spectral comes free with the Stoplight platform. Sign up for a free account here.

What is the difference between Spectral and Speccy

Speccy was a great inspiration for Spectral, but was designed to work only with OpenAPI v3. Spectral can apply rules to any JSON/YAML object (including OpenAPI v2/v3 and AsyncAPI). It's mostly been abandoned now, and is JavaScript not TypeScript.

⚙️ Integrations

🏁 Help Others Utilize Spectral

If you're using Spectral for an interesting use case, contact us for a case study. We'll add it to a list here. Spread the goodness 🎉

👏 Contributing

If you are interested in contributing to Spectral, check out CONTRIBUTING.md.

🎉 Thanks

📜 License

Spectral is 100% free and open-source, under Apache License 2.0.

🌲 Sponsor Spectral by Planting a Tree

If you would like to thank us for creating Spectral, we ask that you buy the world a tree.




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