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    An accessible <slide-show> custom element for building horizontal scroll-snapping carousels. Features options for pagination, previous and next navigation buttons, autoplay, continuous looping and fullscreen mode. Children of a <slide-show> are layed out in a grid and may contain any arbitrary HTML. About 12kB minified and gzipped.

    Example of an HTML carousel showing an image of a tractor as the current slide

    Demos and Documentation

    Demos and docs at


    Via download

    Download the latest release:

    Then import the CSS and JS files:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="./build/slide-show.css" />
    <script type="module" src="./build/slide-show.js"></script>

    Via npm

    Install into node_modules/:

    npm install @stephband/slide-show

    The package comes with CSS files, one for the outer DOM and one for the shadow DOM. The outer DOM CSS can be imported from build/slide-show.css:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="./node_modules/@stephband/slide-show/build/slide-show.css" />

    The shadow DOM CSS file must be placed in the same location as 'build/slide-show.js', which will work fine as-is until you build your own package to a different location. (I really don't know how you are supposed to handle this sort of thing via npm and I hope someone will advise.)

    Quick start

    You are now ready to write <slide-show> tags in your HTML:

    <slide-show loop controls="pagination">
        <img src="../images/donkeys.jpg" draggable="false" />
        <img src="../images/tractor.jpg" draggable="false" />
        <img src="../images/mauverin.jpg" draggable="false" />



    • active - id string of initial slide to 'activate'
    • autoplay - boolean attribute, slide-show plays through slides
    • controls - token list attribute supporting the tokens "pagination", "navigation", "fullscreen"
    • loop - boolean attribute, causes slides to appear on a continuous carousel


    • .active - a reference to the current scroll-snap aligned (ie 'active') child
    • .autoplay - boolean, get/set the state of autoplay
    • .controls - a TokenList object supporting the tokens "pagination", "navigation", "fullscreen"
    • .loop - boolean, get/set the state of loop


    • 'slide-active' - emitted by a child slide when scrolled into scroll-snap alignment


    Style for the slide-show:

    • --slide-duration - a CSS time value in s or ms, used when autoplay is enabled
    • --padding-left - padding and scroll-padding inside the scroll area
    • --padding-right - padding and scroll-padding inside the scroll area
    • ::part(prev-button) - the 'previous' navigation button
    • ::part(next-button) - the 'next' navigation button
    • ::part(page-button) - a pagination button
    • ::part(page-button-active) - the currently active pagination button
    • ::part(fullscreen-button) - the fullscreen toggle button
    • ::part(fullscreen-button-active) - the fullscreen toggle button when in fullscreen

    Style for child slides:

    • --slide-duration - a CSS time value in s or ms, used when autoplay is enabled

    See for more detail.

    Polyfill for element.scrollTo()

    The script element.js includes a polyfill for element.scrollTo(), as Safari's native version lacks support for smooth scrolling behaviour. The polyfill is ignored in other browsers.


    To build the <slide-show> component from its dependent modules, you must have Deno installed. You then need to clone this git repository into the same directory as two other repositories that contain dependencies:

    git clone
    git clone
    git clone
    cd slide-show

    Now the slide-show modules can be built. The build process uses esbuild to import and compile JS and CSS modules to the build/ folder:

    make modules

    Build documentation

    To build documentation, also clone the literal repo:

    git clone
    cd slide-show

    The documentation builder compiles .literal templates to .html, pulling out documentation comments from JS and CSS, and packages dependencies found in the docs/ folder:

    make docs


    npm i @stephband/slide-show

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