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🔨 Basha

Bash executor for executable documents

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📦 Install

Basha is available as a Node.js package,

npm install @stencila/basha --global

In the future, Basha is likely to be bundled as part of the self contained Stencila command line tool.

Windows is not yet supported.

🚀 Use

Register Basha so that it can be discovered by other executors on your machine,

basha register

If you have executa installed globally, you can then run Basha using the execute command and specifying bash as the starting language,

executa execute --repl --lang bash

🛠️ Develop

You can test Basha manually using the local install of executa in this package. First, build and register the current version of Basha, so that Executa is able to find it,

npm run register
npx executa execute --repl --lang bash

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